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Not to be confused with Instant Karma or Clan Karma.

Karma is the currency of Valhalla, introduced on May 17, 2011, in the Valhalla revamp. It allows an adventurer who just ascended to purchase items for their next life and beyond.

Earning Karma

Karma is received upon arriving at The Mini-Pearly Gates in Valhalla. The amount of Karma gained depends on your previous lifestyle and path.

  • Entering Valhalla in any way: +11 Karma


  • Casual or reset: +0 Karma
  • Normal: +100 Karma
  • Hardcore (including Bad Moon): +200 Karma



  • Discarding Instant Karma: +11 Karma for each one discarded
  • Instant Karma can also be acquired from the following sources:

Karma left unspent when descending will be carried over to your next visit in Valhalla.

With regards to special challenge paths, a completed run which began while the path was still current will earn the bonus Karma, even if a new seasonal challenge path has since been released. For instance, a player that began a Way of the Surprising Fist Hardcore run during Fall 2011, while it was the current challenge path, would still earn the 100 bonus Karma even if the player finished the run in January 2012, after the Winter 2011 path had been released. This ensures that players are not penalized for accidentally finishing after the seasonal path rotation.

Spending Karma

  • Jermery's Permery will allow you to spend multiples of 100 Karma to make skills Permanent and/or upgrade Permanent skills to Hardcore Permanent.
  • The Deli Lama will allow you to spend 1 Karma to receive only one pack of consumables for your next life.
  • Pet Heaven will allow you to spend 10 Karma to receive only one piece of astral equipment for your next life.


  • While in Valhalla, your Karma total is displayed in the left pane.
  • While in the Kingdom, the amount of Karma you have is displayed in the "other accomplishments" section of the Quest Log.