KWE-brand transistor radio

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KWE-brand transistor radio
KWE-brand transistor radio

This is a small, cheap transistor radio with the letters KWE etched on its bright chrome surface. Since it doesn't have a frequency dial (not having been made by anyone named Kenneth), it's only good for tuning in the weekly Kingdom Wrestling Federation matches. We recommend going down to the old mine with it for best reception.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: KWE-brand transistor radio)
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Item number: 1516
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Obtained From

John Wilke's Booth (200 Meat)

When Used

You turn on the transistor radio, and clip it to your belt (or in the case of no belt, attach it to your skin with the supplied velcro.) The radio squeals, and you hear a sports announcer talking in that voice you just hate.

You have been granted access to the kwe listen-only chat channel. Play-by-plays of the KWE fights will be broadcast to this channel during each fight.


  • Can only ever be purchased and used once.
  • Grants access to the chat channel /kwe.


  • The bit about frequency and Kenneth is a reference to the R.E.M. song What's the Frequency, Kenneth?, itself a reference to an event in 1986 in which CBS News anchor Dan Rather was attacked by a schizophrenic who kept repeating the phrase "Kenneth, what is the frequency?"
  • The suggestion of taking the radio to the "old mine" references the lyrics of Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison.