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KOLHS is the Fall 2013 special challenge path, introduced on August 15, 2013. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Oh no, it wasn't a dream -- you really are back in high school!"

In this path, you must attend KoL High School at the start of each day, where you're subject to restrictions but can also obtain useful items and effects. Your drinking is limited to path-specific booze.


  • You must spend your first 40 Adventures each day in any of the 4 school zones; attempting to go elsewhere during this time gets you chastised.
    • The truancy officers only check adventure.php zones. You can go into non-adventure.php zones (such as Lemon Party Slot or The Barrel full of Barrels) during the restricted interval. This doesn't reduce the number of turns you still need to spend in school, though.
    • Using free runaways in the school zones will count toward the 40 adventures.
    • Wandering monsters will appear in school. This can be used to significantly shorten the number of actual turns spent in class, at the cost of after school crafting materials.
    • Teleportitis during this period will take you to just the four school zones.
  • You may not wear a hat in school; attempting to do so will get you chastised.
  • You may not use a familiar with a base weight of more than 10 lbs. in school; attempting to do so will get you chastised. The Steam-Powered Cheerleader is an exception to the weight limit.
  • You cannot drink booze normally. Only path-specific booze or a Steel margarita can be drunk. Attempting to drink other booze gives:
    Your high school palate is not refined enough to enjoy this booze.
    • You are still able to drink hobo booze.
    • Mayodiol is also still allowed.
    • Sipping from your tiny stillsuit is not allowed.
    • You can still drink booze from the choice adventure in Barrrney's Barrr.
  • Holidays
    • During the Feast of Boris, you will still encounter FoB wandering monsters and can eat the foods they drop. As in all special challenge paths, you do not gain the extra stomach capacity the holiday would normally grant. The normal holiday text on the front page is replaced with the following:
      Today is the Feast of Boris.
      Too bad you still have class.


  • You begin the run in the Too School for Cool expository adventure.
  • The over-the-shoulder Folder Holder is not only usable in Hardcore on this path, but is automatically pulled. Its capacity is increased to 5 folders instead of 3.
  • The KoL High School is on the Right Side of the Tracks. This is a container with 4 new zones:
  • The KoL High School has three factions, each associated with a particular mainstat and its two corresponding classes: jocks (Muscle), nerds (Mysticality), and greasers (Moxie). Each time you use a class-specific skill in combat while in The Hallowed Halls, you will see an approval message during combat from the appropriate faction. After receiving 15 of one category of message (which can be fulfilled in a single fight), you'll receive a faction intrinsic and stop receiving approval messages for the rest of the day.
  • On your 22nd adventure in school each day (regardless of which school zone you are in), you will encounter the Delirium in the Cafeterium noncombat. If you have a faction intrinsic, sitting with that faction results in stat gains; sitting with an incorrect faction, or sitting with any faction when you don't have a buff, results in HP loss.
  • After 40 adventures in the school, you can leave the school without any notification of completion at all. However, if you do stay in school you will get the Saved by the Bell choice adventure.
    • You can take choices in Saved by the Bell 3 times per day at any time after school is finished for the day. You may return to the school to use them at any time.
    • If you attempt to return to school after the third Saved by the Bell, you are told to come back tomorrow.
  • While adventuring outside of the School, you will sometimes acquire booze after combat. A new message will appear, and you will automatically spend 100 meat and receive booze.
    • You will not receive a post-combat booze if you haven't drunk the previous one you got that day.
    • You will not receive a post-combat booze if your drunkeness is 10 or higher.
    • At levels 1-4 you will receive a can of the cheapest beer.
    • At levels 5-8 you will receive a bottle of fruity "wine".
    • At level 9 or greater you will receive a single swig of vodka.
  • Your reward for the level 3 quest is 3 bottles of root beer (which are actually food, not booze) instead of 3 flagons of Typical Tavern swill.
  • You do not encounter the Naughty Sorceress at all (and thus, need no wand of Nagamar). Instead, you encounter KOL High School's Principal.


See KOLHS/Strategy.


  • All the school monsters scale to your stats (capped at 200 plus ML).
  • After breaking the prism, if you have an over-the-shoulder Folder Holder with folders in the 4th and 5th slots, those folders are removed and returned to your inventory:
    You can't fit these folders in your holder anymore:
    SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
    SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
  • After breaking the prism, any leftover after-school crafted quest items disappear, although the raw materials are preserved.
  • While the over-the-shoulder Folder Holder is an automatic pull, an unopened Folder Holder is not; nor is it a free pull. Be sure you unwrap your Folder Holder (and put folders in it) before ascending.


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