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A KMail (or Green Message) is the KoL version of email. The KMail system is only available within KoL, and it can only be used to send messages to other KoL players. In a very email-oriented manner, you are able to attach meat and/or items to your messages.


  • The character limit for a single KMail is 2000.
  • No more than eleven items can be attached to one KMail, as this would be so ridiculous that it wouldn't even be funny.
  • If you send a message to a user in Hardcore or Ronin, you will not be able to attach items or meat - said items will have to be sent in gift packages instead. Items marked "free pull" are an exception to this rule.
  • A KMail is sometimes referred to as a "green message" in the community, as green text will alert you if you are in chat when you receive one.
  • From the read messages page you can also review recent events like buffs received.