K.R.A.M.P.U.S. facility

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
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Here you can manufacture robots to produce parts that will aid in your exploration of the WarBear Fortress (or else just fun toys).


There are 8 empty robot platforms. You can make several types of robots, for 100 warbear whosits each. Each bot can be upgraded to level 2 for 250 more whosits, and to level 3 for 500 more.

Robot Level 1 Production Level 2 Production Level 3 Production
Chargebot 1 warbear battery 2 warbear batteries 3 warbear batteries
Hoverbot 1 warbear hoverbelt piecepart 2 warbear hoverbelt pieceparts 3 warbear hoverbelt pieceparts
Makerbot 50 warbear whosits 100 warbear whosits 150 warbear whosits
Dancebot 3 warbear wardance potions 6 warbear wardance potions 9 warbear wardance potions
Punchbot 3 warbear bearserker potions 6 warbear bearserker potions 9 warbear bearserker potions
Safetybot 3 warbear liquid overcoats 6 warbear liquid overcoats 9 warbear liquid overcoats
Toybot 1 blind-packed die-cast metal toy 4 blind-packed die-cast metal toys 10 blind-packed die-cast metal toys
Festive Bakerbot 1 warbear feasting bread 2 warbear feasting bread 3 warbear feasting bread
Grumpy Bakerbot 1 warbear warrior bread 2 warbear warrior bread 3 warbear warrior bread
Stoic Bakerbot 1 warbear thermoregulator bread 2 warbear thermoregulator bread 3 warbear thermoregulator bread
Dancing Boozebot 1 warbear feasting mead 2 goblets of warbear feasting mead 3 goblets of warbear feasting mead
Violent Boozebot 1 warbear bearserker mead 2 goblets of warbear bearserker mead 3 goblets of warbear bearserker mead
Sturdy Boozebot 1 warbear blizzard mead 2 goblets of warbear blizzard mead 3 goblets of warbear blizzard mead
Millinerbot 1 warbear helm fragment 3 warbear helm fragments 7 warbear helm fragments
Tailorbot 1 warbear trouser fragment 3 warbear trouser fragments 7 warbear trouser fragments
Outfitterbot 1 warbear accoutrements chunk 3 warbear accoutrements chunks 7 warbear accoutrements chunks

Upon installing your first robot in a given robot platform, you receive the Level 1 item(s) listed immediately upon creation:

You install a new <robot>.
It immediately activates and generates some stuff!
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

Afterwards, installing a robot does not give any items upon creation:

You install a new <robot>.

Every rollover, each robot will produce another batch of the listed items that you can collect by clicking on them:

Your <robot> has produced some goodies since you last checked!
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

When clicked:

K.R.A.M.P.U.S. facility

Robot Platform #X

Krampus hoverbot.gif
<Robot> (Level Y)

Upgrade Robot to Mk. <2/3> (Z warbear whosits)

You currently have W warbear whosits.

Destroy Robot
<checkbox> (confirm)

When upgrading:

You upgrade the robot!

When destroying:

You disassemble your robot... and manage to lose all the parts.

When visited before receiving What Warbears Are Good For:

You enter the building and find it empty. Huh.


  • Destroying a robot will not give back any whosits.
  • Installing a robot in a space that has been cleared out will not immediately produce items.
  • Upgrading a robot will not immediately produce items, the way that installing a new robot would do.
  • Installed robots will still be there after ascending, though if you already collected items from them before ascending they will not give you extra.
  • No robots are available for building until you have received certain trigger adventures in the WarBear Fortress (First Level).
    • The first trigger occurs after 50 combats in the zone and allows building the Hoverbot, Makerbot and Chargebot.
    • The second occurs after 300 combats in the zone (and was not implemented until December 17, 2013) and unlocks the Dancebot, Punchbot, Safetybot, and Toybot.
    • The third occurs after 600 combats in the zone (implemented December 19, 2013) and unlocks the three Bakerbots and three Boozebots.
    • The fourth occurs after 800 combats in the zone (implemented December 21, 2013) and unlocks the Millinerbot, Tailorbot and Outfitterbot.
  • Items created by bots will remain even if you do not get them each day, and will stack; e.g. if you have a level 1 Makerbot and do not check for whosits on day 1, you will receive 100 whosits on day 2.
  • When clicking on a bot, if you only have 1 whosit, it will still say "warbear whosits".
  • When clicking on a bot, the button to upgrade a bot will be disabled if you do not have enough whosits and the text will turn gray.
  • Attempting to create a bot without enough whosits, create a bot on a nonexistent platform, upgrade a bot without enough whosits, destroy a bot in an empty/nonexistent platform, or open a nonexistent platform will merely redirect you back to the facility.
  • Through URL manipulation, you can create a bot on a platform that has a bot on it, which will replace it without having to destroy it first. You can also destroy a bot in this same fashion -- though, you will not receive any of the items that it was holding.


  • The Krampus is a creature in Germanic mythology that acts as the frightening counterpart to Saint Nicholas. While Saint Nick brings gifts for good children, the Krampus punishes naughty children, and might kidnap particularly bad ones (presumably to eat).