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How much stat gain? Does it scale with level, Hate, both, neither?

Jump Shark

Jump Shark

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 25
usable three times per day

Sneaky Pete did a lot of controversial motorcycle tricks, but controversy is an occupational hazard when your job is living on the edge.

Jump over a shark -- the audience will hate it!

Source: Sneaky Pete's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Sneaky Pete
Level: Dangerous Rebel 4
Effect: Gives substats, heavily swings the Audience's mood towards Hate
When Used:
You toss a shark in kiddie pool, then ramp over it with your motorcycle.


You put a shark in a kiddie pool and jump over it with your motorcycle. It leaps up just as you're clearing the top of its head, so it's super dramatic.


You notice a land shark burrowing through the ground nearby, so you speed over and jump over it on your motorcycle.

Going from Love to Hate:

The studio audience doesn't like that at all. In fact, from their reaction it seems they've stopped liking you entirely.

Increasing Hate:

The studio audience hates you even harder as a result of that.

Gaining substats:

But y'know what? Sneaky Pete didn't get where he was by paying attention to what other people thought. You know you rule, and that's enough.

You gain X Strengthliness.
You gain X Wizardliness.
You gain X Sarcasm.


  • X is an amount of substat (unspaded). ~10 lv 1 no Hate/Love, ~40 lv 4 20 hate (guess: 10*level?)
  • At 1-50 Love, using this skill will set you at 5 Hate. Otherwise (including 0 Love/Hate), you will gain 10 Hate.


  • The skill references the infamous episode of Happy Days, where Fonzie jumps over a shark on water-skis. The phrase "jumping the shark" is now an idiom describing the point where a television show starts to creatively stagnate - hence the audience hatred.

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