Jug of porquoise juice

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jug of porquoise juice
jug of porquoise juice

This is a great big jug of porquoise juice. Not pornography juice, as you might have guessed by the label.

I recommend you don't try to imagine what 'pornography juice' might consist of.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 600 Meat.
Effect: Je Ne Sais Porquoise (50 Adventures)Moxie +50%
+6% Meat from Monsters
+5% Item Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: jugs of porquoise juice)
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Item number: 2812
Description ID: 941296170
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Ezcook.gif porquoise jug of Gnomochloric acid
Equals.gif jug of porquoise juice

When Used

You drink the porquoise juice. Your savoir-faire shoots through the roof.
Confused.gifYou acquire an effect: Je Ne Sais Porquoise
(duration: 50 Adventures)


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