Journey's End

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Journey's End
Journey's End

Exhausted, tested beyond all measure, water pouring from every joint, the last of the Young Boy's crew was rescued from the endless sailing in the sudsy waters. And the Young Boy wrapped himself in the Terrycloth Towel, and laid out his crew upon another towel to dry, and his heart was pleased to see some had survived the epic adventure.

Gather Your Toys

You gather up all your bath-time toys, and find something you don't recognize.

With 1-10 surviving crew

Crewpack.gifYou acquire an item: Young Man's Crew Sequester

or with 11-23 surviving crew

Cargopack.gifYou acquire an item: Young Man's Cargo Load

or with 24-36 surviving crew, one of

Foamhat.gifYou acquire an item: foam commodore's hat
Foampants.gifYou acquire an item: foam naval trousers
Minicannon.gifYou acquire an item: miniature deck cannon

or with 37-49 surviving crew or with 50+ and already have Bloodbath

Sextant.gifYou acquire an item: ornamental sextant

or with 50 or more surviving crew

Bloodbath.gifYou acquire an item: Bloodbath

Occurs at The Old Man's Bathtime Adventure, on your final, 51st (or earlier if the plug was pulled) adventure in the zone.


  • The outfit piece you get is not dependent on outfit pieces already owned. Luckily, they are zappable.