John Wilke's Booth

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
John Wilke's Booth

John Wilke's Booth is located in The Casino and is where adventurers come to place bets on upcoming KWE Events.

Welcome to KWE (or Kingdom Wrestling Entertainment), the Kingdom of Loathing's official underground fighting championships! (Literally underground -- we tried it in an open arena, but too many spectators were injured.)

I'm John Wilke, and this is my booth. Here, you can read all about KWE's wrestlers and place bets on the upcoming tournament.

And hey, if you have anything special you'd like to deliver to any of the wrestlers -- y'know, a little something to help 'em out -- step into the back room with me and we'll set you up.

Peruse The KWE Fact Book

View Fight Card For The Upcoming Matches

We sell a small device called a "transistor radio" that is enchanted to play back noise from a specific place. This particular radio is enchanted to allow you to hear the monthly fights live, no matter where you are! I can sell you one for 200 Meat. Interested?

Buy Questionable Technology (200 Meat)

You give John Wilke 200 Meat, and he gives you a cheap transistor radio.

Radio.gifYou acquire an item: KWE-brand transistor radio


  • Placing a bet on someone yields:
You wager <X> Meat on <wrestler>.
  • Failure to check the confirm box yields:
♫ Click, click, click the confirm box! ♫
  • Wagering an amount less than 1,000 meat yields:
Oh, come on! You have to bet more than that. It just isn't fun unless it's at least 1,000 meat.
  • Invalid wrestler selection yields:
"Invalid Wrestler Selection," by the way, is the name of my new ska band.
  • On fight day:
"KWE wrestling matches are being held today! Betting is officially closed for the day, and the wrestlers are far too busy preparing for or fighting in their matches today to accept gifts from you."


  • If you have already purchased and used a KWE-brand transistor radio, you will not see the bottom "transistor radio" section.
  • The payout for winning bets is determined by the final payout value from the current Wager and Payout Table.
  • The payout fluctuates dynamically throughout the week leading up to the day of the fight, changing as gifts are sent and as the composition of the pool changes.
  • Tournaments are held on the last day of every KoL month.


  • The name "John Wilke's Booth" is a reference to John Wilkes Booth, who was responsible for the assassination of former US President Abraham Lincoln.
  • The acronym KWE seems to fluctuate with KWF on different pages. This likely represents World Wide Fund for Nature's legal battle with the World Wrestling Federation over their acronym. Eventually "WWF" changed its name to "WWE", short for World Wrestling Entertainment.
  • Many of the wrestlers are references to several fighting game series, including Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Tekken, Super Smash Brothers, Mortal Kombat and more. Also has references to some TV shows, movies and WWE wrestlers.
  • When you make a wager but forget to click the confirm box, the message "♫ Click, click, click the confirm box! ♫" appears, which may be a reference to Elan in the web comic The Order of the Stick.
  • The message error message "♫ Click, click, click the confirm box! ♫" may also be a reference to the Sony Playstation game Parappa the Rappa (the original) from the Seafood Cake level where the lyrics include "Crack, crack, crack, the egg into the bowl".
  • Another possibility for "♫ Click, click, click the confirm box! ♫" is the George of the Jungle theme: "George, George, George of the Jungle!"

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