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Jick avatar.gif
Jick (#1)

Jick is the head of Asymmetric Publications, and the creator / creative mastermind behind the Kingdom of Loathing.

About Jick

Jick has been pumping funny things on the internet since he was aware the internet was a thing. Tales tell that he honed his comic voice in email relays with his childhood friend, Mr Skullhead. The two of them also collaborated on the old Asymmetric Publications website, where Jick also posted his early game creations. He produced the first version of Kingdon of Loathing in a week, in an attempt to create a game that wasn't too serious. He was reportedly as surprised as anyone else when it took and became a surprise hit.

As admin, creator and omniscient KoL deity, Jick can change all facets of his character, including his stats and class, at will. He can also create and destroy items with nary a chat command, and usually starts his working day by wiping everything in his inventory.

Jick does two weekly podcasts: The Kingdom of Loathing Podcast, alongside HotStuff and Riff, and Video Games Hot Dog, with Jim Crawford of Twinbeard Studios. Podcasts are (usually) released on Thursday evenings. You can also find him livestreaming gameplay development on Twitch. He is the founder of the Hot Dog Network podcast network.

Profile and Trappings

Jick's favorite food is conebread, and his favorite booze was Infinitesimal IPA but is now martini. He collects flyswatter; to view his collection, check out his Display Case.

He is in his own clan called Styrofoam Nuns, Inc. (previously Jumbucks in a Tuckerbag, The Clapboard Posterhangers, Clan Chefboy, in reverse chronological order).

When viewing his profile, it used to say "This player is currently Jick." due to the fact that during ascension testing, players who had ascended had profiles which said "'Sorry, this player is currently helping Jick test the ascension code, and his or her profile cannot be viewed." Many pointed out the problem of Jick assisting Jick, and it was changed.

While Jick doesn't need any custom items to his name, he does have a few Jick-exclusive testing tools in his account. His Jickinator automatically wins fights by setting the monster's HP to 0, while his Jick-o-loser sets his own HP to 0 to autolose. His test case is the envy of item farmers everywhere. His butt dropped some goodies on April Fool's Day 2011.

Jick can never fail running away from a fight.

Nothing can stop you from running away -- you own the place!

Jick also never dies. When he gets Beaten Up, he loses the effect and all HP is restored:

<Message here>

Jick's name appears purple or red in chat.


Players cannot buff Jick. Attempting to do so results in this message:

Hi -- thanks for trying to buff me, but I don't really need it.

- Jick

It is also impossible to brick Jick. Attempting to do so results in this message:

Brick is no longer jickable. It was fun while it lasted.

It is, however, possible to use curse items like jawbruisers, rolls of toilet paper, and wangs on him. Since he can wipe any effects from himself immediately with the "/nofx" chat command, it's a bit of a waste of time.

Jick's Psychoanalytic Jar

When viewing Jick's profile, if you have a psychoanalytic jar in inventory, and the remainder of your player ID number divided by 23 is today's "magic number", you will see a "Use psychoanalytic jar on him" button. Clicking this will give you a jar of psychoses (Jick). See the jar's page for more information about the magic number.

Attempting to analyze Jick more than once in a day results in "You've already performed one especially complicated psychoanalysis today. That's quite enough.".

Ascending afterward, and acquiring a second psychoanalytic jar, allows you to create a second jar of psychoses (Jick) in the same day.

Personal Life

Jick's real name is Zachary Johnson. He is also known as El Perezoso and, in times immemorial, Zurd.

Jick's birthday is 7/7/1976. He announced that he turned 31 on 7/7/07 on the 9/6/07 radio show.

At time of writing, he splits his time between living in Mesa, AZ, and San Francisco.

In the early morning hours of February 15, 2006, Jick announced on Radio KoL that he was going to be married to his then-girlfriend Phoenix (#4403) on February 16. They later divorced some time in 2009.

Past custom avatars

Jick avatar2.gif Jick avatar3.gif Jick avatar4.gif 1 5.gif 1 6.gif Jick

Known Titles:

Magic 8 Ball Says: Sex High School Girls
Mr. Phoenix
Kicker of Elves
The Saturday-Only Discount Pork Swastika
Captain Lou Albino
Scruffy Nerf Herder
The <level> pound Birthday Creature
Apple juice! For half price!
King of Nerfs
sorry 4 being kinda a dick on the forum
<---- Insert Bigger Brain Here
I hope you like the taste of SOLUTIONS!
Filthy Spy!
Feeling lucky, Jarhead?
Two Weeks
<3 <3 <3
Has the Colon of a <level>-Year-Old
Stop Stealing My Beans, Damnit
Brimming with Crimbo Spirit

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  • Trying to view Jick's ascension history results in:
    This is a secret.


  • First noticed at 8:30 PM EST January 1, 2015, Jick's profile was marked private due to spoiling new content. It was marked public again on January 8. While it was private, this message was displayed in place of the profile:
    Viewing Jick's profile is causing some goofy bugs due to unreleased content, so it's currently marked private.
  • Starting February 6, 2015, doing a /whois 1 or /whois Jick led to no response in chat, producing an internal 500 error. However, getting to showplayer.php?who=1 still worked and suggests that the hidden chat response is a bug.


  • Jick's title "Apple juice! For half price!" and clan name "Styrofoam Nuns" are quotes from the Star Trek parody video Happy in Paraguay, which Jick quite enjoyed.