Jermery's Permery

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Jermery's Permery

Jermery the Permer runs Jermery's Permery in Beyond the Pale. Here you can spend Karma to make a skill permanent for Hardcore or non-Hardcore ascensions or upgrade a regular permanent to Hardcore permanent.

Jermery's Permer

Jermery the Permer:

"Welcome to my Permery, Adventurer! Here you can permanently meld skills from your previous incarnation into the fabric of your astral Self, so you'll be able to take them with you into future incarnations. Sounds pretty neat, huh?"


  • The shop lists skills you owned in the life you just lived and are not Hardcore permanent.
    • If you just completed a Bad Moon ascension, you must Recall your Ancestral Memories before stepping through the gash, otherwise you will only be able to select skills which you learned during the run.
  • It costs 100 Karma to make a skill permanent on Casual or Normal ascensions, and 200 Karma to make it Hardcore permanent. It costs 100 Karma to upgrade a regular permanent to a Hardcore permanent.
  • Purchases aren't finalized until you reincarnate. You can change your mind before that.