Jar of swamp honey

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jar of swamp honey
jar of swamp honey

This is a jar labeled "100% pure swamp honey." The label also says it's unsafe for swamp infants.

Selling Price: 25 Meat.

You can dip food in it

(In-game plural: jars of swamp honey)
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Item number: 8226
Description ID: 215171688
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Obtained From

Uncle Gator's Country Fun-Time Liquid Waste Sluice
Cbzzter the Grisly Bear


  • This item adds an additional 10-15 substats to each stat after food consumption. One jar of swamp honey is used up when food is consumed.
  • When you eat food the following message will be displayed before the usual consumption text:
    You dip the <food> in swamp honey before you eat it. Mmmmm!


  • Before April 8th, 2015 this item would not activate when you ate something.



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