January's Garbage Tote

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January's Garbage Tote
January's Garbage Tote

This is a run-of-the mill garbage tote filled with various end of the year detritus. But, this particular tote is yours.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

Allows you to rummage up Holiday Detritus

(In-game plural: January's Garbage Totes)
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Item number: 9690
Description ID: 586693375
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Obtained From

January's Garbage Tote (unopened)

When Used

Has a "rummage" link which takes you to Rummaging through the Garbage.


  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    You find your garbage tote by the astral curb and drag it home.
    Tote open.gifYou acquire an item: January's Garbage Tote


January's Garbage Tote variants (via Rummaging through the Garbage)
Item Type Enchantments Limited ability
Deadcrimbotree.gif deceased crimbo tree Off-hand None Blocks damage while needles remain
Chambottle.gif broken champagne bottle 1-handed knife
  • Regenerate 4-8 MP per adventure
  • Weapon Damage +50%
Doubles item drop bonus while the champagne flows
(11 combats per day)
Tinseltrousers.gif tinsel tights Pants
Usedtape.gif wad of used tape Hat
  • All Attributes +10%
  • +15% Item Drops from Monsters
  • +30% Meat from Monsters
Garbageshirt.gif makeshift garbage shirt Shirt
  • +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
  • +3 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.
  • +10 Stench Damage
Doubles stat gains from monsters while it's readable
(37 combats per day)

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