Jabañero Saucesphere (effect)

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Jabañero Saucesphere

Jabañero Saucesphere

You are surrounded by a glistening sphere of extremely spicy sauce. Anything that attacks you will probably take quite a bit of damage from it.

Damages Attacking Opponent
Damage Reduction: 5

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Effect number: 55
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Obtained From


  • When a monster hits:
    Your Jabañero Saucesphere deals (1-5) damage to your opponent.
  • The effect can still be obtained from items that give random effects. It can also be acquired through wishing.


  • Saucerors lost the ability to create Jabañero Saucespheres during the class revamps. Even though it is possible to acquire through other means, the splashback effect no longer functions. The following is for historical purposes:
Spell MP Gained
Stream of Sauce 1
Saucestorm 2-3
Käsesoßesturm 2-3
Wave of Sauce 4-5
Saucegeyser 7-9
Saucemageddon 8-11
  • The Legendary Regalia of the Saucemaestro will increase MP gains by 50%.
  • Salsaball does not benefit from the Jabañero Saucesphere.
  • When casting a sauce spell, the following message appears:
    The Jabañero saucesphere glistens as your spell passes through it. You feel recharged.
    MPYou gain some Mana Points.
  • For a while after the implementation of NS13, a bug caused saucespheres not to deal damage to attacking monsters. This has since been fixed.
  • Before NS13, this effect returned MP every time you were struck in combat, making it a vital part of Stasis.

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