Izzy the Lizard

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Izzy the Lizard

Izzy the Lizard is located in the Department of Shadowy Arts and Crafts. He will assign you a variety of quests.

My Other Car Is Made of Meat

  • Message before having the level requirement of the bitchin' meatcar quest, or the first time you visit if you completed the quest before the guild changes were made:
"Hey, buddy. You must be the new <class>. I'm Izzy -- Izzy the Lizard, they call me. You wanna buy a watch? Or a necklace? Guaranteed real metal. No? How about a totally authentic treasure map, written by pirates on this ancient bar coaster. Hey, come back!"
  • Message on initial visit:
You ask Izzy about the meatcar.
He suddenly looks particularly cagey.
"The meatcar? Well... I was over near Degrassi Knoll... and, umm, I was mugged! Yeah, mugged. Totally. And they stole the meatcar.
Nothing to do with a poker game at all.
If I know those gnolls (and I'm not saying I do,) they'll have completely stripped the car by now. You'll have to filch these parts and build a new one."
He scribbles a list of parts on the back of a napkin and hands it to you.
Scroll1.gifYou acquire an item: Degrassi Knoll shopping list
  • Message on subsequent visits:
"Any luck with the meatcar? Once you've got all of the parts from the gnolls or wherever, just stick 'em together with meat paste."
"Hey, you finished the meatcar? Nice! Listen -- I'll make ya a deal: don't tell Shifty about this little incident, and I'll put in a good word for you with the chick at the travel agency at the beach.
Here, I'll mark the spot on your map. Oh, and hey, if you get in the mood for a little bit of 'entertainment' while you're down that way, you should definitely head South of the Border."
  • Message after having built the bitchin' meatcar and talked to him at least once before:
Izzy gives you a cagey look as you approach, and starts whistling innocently. You tighten the strings on your meat pouch, and decide to find someone else to talk to.

[Player Name] and [Familiar Name] Go To White Citadel

  • Message on initial visit:
"Pssst... hey! Hey, buddy!" You warily walk over to Izzy the Lizard to see what he wants. "Listen, I need ya to do me a favor. I haven't eaten lunch yet, but I can't leave because I'm waiting to meet a guy about some merchandise that, er, fell off the back of a cart. Go to the White Citadel near Whitey's Grove and grab the takeout order I phoned in, will ya? I'll make it worth your while."
  • Message on subsequent visits:
"Hey buddy, what's with the delay on my food, huh? I don't wanna wait till Crimbo, you know? Just hit up the White Citadel. It's near Whitey's Grove, in the Distant Woods."
Izzy takes the food from you with a grin. "Heyyyy, just what the doctor ordered. Here pal, lemme pay ya back for that." He reaches for his wallet, and suddenly looks puzzled. "What the... some lousy stinkin' rat took my wallet! Man, if I ever find out who it was... there's just no honor among thieves any more, I'm tellin' ya. Well, here, take this instead."
Rabbitfoot.gifYou acquire an item: lucky rabbit's foot

[playername]'s Delivery Service

  • Message on initial visit:
"Oh, hey, just the adventurer I've been looking for. No no, come back, this is on the level, I'm tellin' ya. Listen, I've got a whaddayacallit for ya. You know, one of them things you guys're always doin'. A quest! Yeah, that's the ticket. See, you know those dwarves over at McLargeHuge, right, the really tall guys? Well, I ordered some merchandise from them, and they haven't delivered. Something about overextended credit or something, I dunno. Anyway, I'm thinking it'd be a pretty easy job for someone -- and by 'someone' I mean you -- to dress up in one of their outfits, and sneak in and grab my package. Er, I mean... well, you know what I mean, yeah? So whaddaya think?"
"Why don't you go do it yourself?" you ask.
"I, er... I got a bad back. Yeah. My winnebago's actin' up. C'mon, be a pal. I'll even pay you."
"Well, all right."
  • Message on subsequent visits:
Hey, hey buddy, any luck with that thing? Quest? 'Cause I can't help but notice, I don't see you giving me that package I sent ya out for. Look, it ain't rocket science. Just dress up like one a' them dwarves, sneak in, and find the thing I ordered. It's about yea big.
Izzy grins as you hand him the bulky envelope, and tears it open with reckless abandon. "Oh yeah, baby, come to poppa! A genuine Dwarf-forged wallet chain! Let's see those bastards pick my pocket now!"
He hands you some meat. "There you go, don't never say I don't pay my debts. Well, most of them. Some of them. ...Don't never say I didn't pay this one particular debt."
Meat.gifYou gain 1,000 Meat.

After Completing All Quests

Izzy gives you a cagey look as you approach, and starts whistling innocently. You tighten the strings on your meat pouch, and decide to find someone else to talk to.