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An alphabetic listing of all of the items along with their zapping information. Please update as new data is found.

  • Use '''Unknown''' for items which have not been tested yet.
  • Use n/a for items which have been tested and do not belong in a zap group.
  • Item names that begin with numbers, punctuation, or special characters (e.g. "I Love Me, Vol. I") belong in Items by Name (other).


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Unknown
Ultimate Mind Destroyer Unknown
ultimate ultimate frisbee Unknown
ultimate wad n/a Tested --TechSmurf 13:43, 10 April 2007 (CDT)
Ultra Mega Sour Ball Unknown
ultra-deluxe cupcake Unknown
ultracalcium Unknown
ultracoagulator Unknown
Ultracolor™ shirt Unknown
ultrafondue Unknown
Ultrasoldier Serum Unknown
una poca de gracia Unknown
Unagnimated Gnome Unknown
unappetizing mayolus Unknown
unbearable light Unknown
uncanny desk bell Unknown
uncapped blue lava bottle Unknown
uncapped green lava bottle Unknown
uncapped red lava bottle Unknown
Uncle Buck Unknown
Uncle Crimbo's hat Unknown
Uncle Crimbo's Rations n/a Tested 2008-12-29.
Uncle Crimbo's Sack Unknown
Uncle Greenspan's Bathroom Finance Guide Unknown
Uncle Hobo's belt Hobo Drops
Uncle Hobo's epic beard Uncle Hobos Rags
Uncle Hobo's fingerless tinsel gloves Hobo Drops
Uncle Hobo's gift baggy pants Uncle Hobos Rags
Uncle Hobo's highest bough Hobo Drops
Uncle Hobo's stocking cap Uncle Hobos Rags
Uncle Jick's Brownie Mix n/a
Uncle Romulus Unknown
Uncle Romulus (used) Unknown
Unconscious Collective Dream Jar Unknown
uncooked chorizo n/a
underwater slingshot Unknown
Underworld acorn Unknown
Underworld flail Unknown
Underworld sapling Unknown
Underworld truncheon Unknown
Underworld trunk Unknown
undissolvable contact lenses Unknown
unearthed potsherd Unknown
unearthed volcanic meteoroid Unknown
unearthly onyx n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
unemployed hunchbacked minion Unknown
unfinished fruitcake Unknown
unfinished ice sculpture Unknown
unfinished pleasure Unknown
unflavored wine cooler Unknown
unfortunate dumplings n/a
Unfortunato's foolscap Unknown
unfrosted Knob cake Unknown
Ungulant Unknown
unholy water Unknown
uniclops egg Unknown
unidentifiable dried fruit Unknown
unidentified drink Unknown
unidentified jerky n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
uninteresting mayolus Unknown
union scalemail pants Unknown
Unionize The Elves sign n/a
universal antivenin Unknown
universal key Unknown
Universal Seasoning Unknown
Unkillable Skeleton's breastplate Unknown
Unkillable Skeleton's restless leg Unknown
Unkillable Skeleton's sawsword Unknown
Unkillable Skeleton's shield Unknown
Unkillable Skeleton's shinguards Unknown
Unkillable Skeleton's skullcap Unknown
unlarge laminated card Unknown
unlit birthday cake n/a
unlocked meat locker n/a
Unmotivator: Crashed Meat Car Unknown
Unmotivator: Crashed Orca Unknown
Unmotivator: Success Warrior Unknown
unnamed cocktail Unknown
unnatural gas Unknown
unopened Bird-a-Day calendar Unknown
unopened diabolic pizza cube box Unknown
Unopened Eight Days a Week Pill Keeper Unknown
unpowered Robortender Unknown
unquiet spirits Unknown
unrefined Mountain Stream syrup n/a
unremarkable candy cane n/a
unremarkable duffel bag Unknown
unrequired jacket Unknown
unrolling pin (Un)Rolling Pins
unsanitized scalpel Unknown
unsmoothed velvet Unknown
Unspeakable Earring n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
unspeakable lozenges Unknown
Unspeakachu Unknown
unstable DNA n/a Tested 2008-12-29.
unstable fulminate Unknown
unstable laser battery n/a Confirmed August 2, 2008
Unstable Pointy Ears Unknown
unstable quark Unknown
untainted eggnog n/a
untamable turtle Unknown
unused soap Unknown
unused walkie-talkie Unknown
unusual disco ball Unknown
unusual oil Unknown
unwound clockwork grapefruit n/a
unwound cymbal-playing monkey n/a
unwound mechanical songbird Unknown
unwrapped knock-off retro superhero cape Unknown
Uovo Marcio Shiraz Mafia Wines Tested: Acqua Del Piatto Merlot to Uovo Marcio Shiraz
upsy daisy n/a
Ur-Donut Unknown
Uranium Omega of Temperance n/a
urchin roe Unknown
urinal cake n/a
used beer Unknown
useless powder n/a
UV monocular n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:43, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
UV-resistant compass Unknown


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
V for Vivala mask n/a
Valentine n/a
Valentine's Day cake n/a
valuable coin Unknown
valuable trinket n/a
vampagne Unknown
vampire cake n/a
vampire chowder Unknown
vampire collar n/a
vampire duck-on-a-string n/a
vampire glitter n/a Tested --WhoWantsToKnow 21:03, 01 January 2010 (HST)
vampire heart n/a
vampire pearl Unknown
vampire pearl earring Unknown
vampire pearl necklace Unknown
vampire pearl ring Unknown
vampire pellet Unknown
Vamprey Unknown
vampyric cloake Unknown
vampyric cloake pattern Unknown
Van der Graaf helmet Unknown
van key Unknown
vanilla-frosted king cake n/a
vanity stone Unknown
Vaporpoise Unknown
Vaso De Agua trading card n/a Confirmed March 17, 2007
veiny spore pod Unknown
velcro boots Unknown
velcro broadsword Unknown
velcro ore Unknown
velcro paddle ball Unknown
velcro shield Unknown
velour valise Unknown
velour vambraces Unknown
velour vaqueros Unknown
velour veil Unknown
velour viscometer Unknown
velour voulge Unknown
velvet choker n/a
vengeful spirit Unknown
Venus flytrap n/a
vertebra of the Bonerdagon n/a
very fancy whiskey Unknown
very hot lunch Unknown
very large caltrop Unknown
very overdue library book Unknown
very pointy crown Unknown
very small red dress Unknown
vesper TPS Final Drinks
Vial of jus de larmes Unknown
vial of amber slime Slime - Tertiary
vial of baconstone juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
vial of blood simple syrup Unknown
vial of blue slime Slime - Primary
vial of brown slime Unknown
vial of chartreuse slime Slime - Tertiary
vial of ectoplasm n/a
vial of Gnomochloric acid n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
vial of green slime Slime - Secondary
vial of hamethyst juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
vial of holy water Unknown
vial of hot blood Unknown
vial of humanoid growth hormone Unknown
vial of indigo slime Slime - Tertiary
Vial of jus de larmes Unknown
vial of mojo n/a
vial of orange slime Slime - Secondary
vial of patchouli oil n/a
vial of pirate sweat n/a
vial of porquoise juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
vial of purple slime Slime - Tertiary
vial of red slime Slime - Primary
vial of squid ink Unknown
vial of swamp vapors Unknown
vial of teal slime Slime - Tertiary
vial of The Glistening Unknown
vial of vermilion slime Slime - Tertiary
vial of violet slime Slime - Secondary
vial of yellow slime Slime - Primary
vibrating cyborg knife n/a Confirmed August 2, 2008
vibrating mushroom n/a
Vicar's Tutu Unknown
vicious spiked collar Unknown
Victor's Spoils Unknown
Victor, the Insult Comic Hellhound Puppet n/a
viking helmet n/a
villainous scythe Unknown
vinegar n/a
vinegar-soaked lemon slice n/a
vintage smart drink Unknown
vinyl boots Unknown
vinyl ore Unknown
vinyl shield Unknown
violent pastilles Unknown
Violet Hunt Invitation Unknown
viral DNA Unknown
viral video Unknown
virgin jello shot Unknown
viscous lava globs Unknown
vitachoconutriment capsule n/a
vitamin G pill Unknown
Vivian's Vitamin Unknown
vodka and cranberry n/a
vodka and tonic Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks
vodka barracuda Unknown
Vodka Dog Unknown
vodka gibson Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks
vodka martini Advanced Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks
Vodka Matryoshka Unknown
vodka stinger Unknown
vodka stratocaster Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks
Volartta's bellbottoms n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:43, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
volcanic ash Unknown
Volcoino Unknown
volleyball n/a
Voluminous Radio Hat Primitive Radio Duds
Voluminous Radio Pants Primitive Radio Duds
Voluminous Radio Sneakers Primitive Radio Duds
voodoo doll n/a Tested --TechSmurf 13:43, 10 April 2007 (CDT)
voodoo glowskull Unknown
voodoo snuff n/a Tested 2008-12-29.
vorpal blade Yendorian Finery
voter registration form Unknown
votive candle Unknown
Vulgure Unknown
VYKEA blood rune Unknown
VYKEA bracket Unknown
VYKEA dowel Unknown
VYKEA frenzy rune Unknown
VYKEA hex key Unknown
VYKEA instructions Unknown
VYKEA lightning rune Unknown
VYKEA mead Unknown
VYKEA meatballs Unknown
VYKEA plank Unknown
VYKEA rail Unknown
VYKEA woadpaint Unknown

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