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An alphabetic listing of all of the items along with their zapping information. Please update as new data is found.

  • Use '''Unknown''' for items which have not been tested yet.
  • Use n/a for items which have been tested and do not belong in a zap group.
  • Item names that begin with numbers, punctuation, or special characters (e.g. "I Love Me, Vol. I") belong in Items by Name (other).


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
M-242 n/a
macaroni duck Unknown
Mace of the Tortoise n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
machetito Unknown
machine elf capsule Unknown
macroplane grater Unknown
mad scientist's sock monkey n/a
Mad Train wine n/a
madius Unknown
Mae West Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks
Mae West with a fly in it n/a
mafia aria n/a
Mafia bow tie n/a Tested- --TechSmurf 16:41, 8 April 2007 (CDT)
mafia filofax Unknown
mafia middle finger ring Unknown
mafia organizer badge Unknown
mafia pinky ring Unknown
mafia pointer finger ring Unknown
Mafia stogie n/a Tested- --TechSmurf 16:41, 8 April 2007 (CDT)
mafia thumb ring Unknown
Mafia violin case n/a Tested- --TechSmurf 16:41, 8 April 2007 (CDT)
mafia wedding ring Unknown
magenta seashell Unknown
magic dragonfish fry n/a
magic lamp n/a
magic whistle n/a
magical baguette Unknown
magical battery Unknown
magical ice cube with a fly in it n/a
magical ice cubes Advanced Cocktailcrafting Garnishes
magical mystery juice n/a
magical pony: Dusk Shiny Unknown
magical pony: Pearjack Unknown
magical pony: Rosey Cake Unknown
magical pony: Shutterfly Unknown
magical pony: Spectrum Dash Unknown
magical pony: Uniquity Unknown
magical sausage Unknown
magical sausage casing Unknown
magicalness-in-a-can Substat Boosters - Tier 1
magicberry tablets Unknown
magilaser blastercannon n/a
MagiMechTech NanoMechaMech n/a
magnetic field n/a
magnetic sculpture kit Unknown
magnificent oyster egg Unknown
magnifying glass n/a
magnolia blossom Unknown
magnum of fancy champagne Unknown
MAHI fez Unknown
Maiali Sifilitici Pinot Noir Mafia Wines Tested --TechSmurf 16:43, 8 April 2007 (CDT)
maid head n/a
maiden wig n/a
Make-Your-Own-Vampire-Fangs kit Unknown
makeshift cape Terrycloth Tackle Tested: cape -> skirt
makeshift castanets n/a
makeshift crane n/a
makeshift garbage shirt Unknown
makeshift SCUBA gear n/a
makeshift sixgun Unknown
makeshift skirt Terrycloth Tackle Tested: skirt -> cape
makeshift turban Terrycloth Tackle Tested: turban -> cape
makeshift yakuza mask n/a
malevolent medallion Unknown
Mallomarbles Unknown
mama's squeezebox Unknown
mana curds Unknown
mana-basted tofurkey leg Unknown
mana-coated yams Unknown
mana-fortified cranberry sauce Unknown
mana-stuffed herbal stuffing Unknown
mandarina colada Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks
mandarina colada with a fly in it n/a
Manetwich n/a
mangled finger Unknown
mangled squirrel Unknown
manly bloomers n/a
mannequin leg Unknown
Mansquito Serum Unknown
Mansquito's blood Unknown
Manual of Dexterity n/a
Manual of Labor n/a
Manual of Lock Picking Unknown
Manual of Numberology Unknown
Manual of Transcendent Olfaction n/a
Manual of Transmission n/a
many-eyed glasses n/a
map to a hidden booze cache Unknown
map to Anemone Mine n/a
map to Dolph Bossin's hideout Unknown
map to Ellsbury's Claim Unknown
Map to Kokomo Unknown
map to Madness Reef n/a
map to Professor Jacking's laboratory Unknown
Map to Safety Shelter Grimace Prime n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:32, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
Map to Safety Shelter Ronald Prime Unknown
map to the Biggest Barrel Unknown
map to the Cursed Village Unknown
map to the Dive Bar n/a
map to the Kegger in the Woods Unknown
map to The Landscaper's Lair Unknown
map to the Magic Commune Unknown
map to the Marinara Trench n/a
map to the Mystic Wood Unknown
map to the Putrid Swamp Unknown
map to the Skate Park Unknown
map to the Sprawling Cemetery Unknown
map to the Towering Mountains Unknown
map to Vanya's Castle Unknown
maple leaf n/a
maple magnet Unknown
maple syrup n/a
marble maebari n/a
marble magnet n/a
marble mantle n/a
marble mariachi hat n/a
marble medallion n/a
marble mignonette bowl n/a
marble molecules Unknown
marble wand n/a
March hat n/a Tested- --TechSmurf 16:43, 8 April 2007 (CDT)
margarita Advanced Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks
mariachi G-string n/a
mariachi hat Unknown
mariachi pants Starting Items
mariachi toothpaste Unknown
marinara jug n/a
marinated stakes n/a
marine aquamarine n/a
Mariner's Friend cough drops n/a Confirmed 2007-06-03
marionette n/a
marionette collective n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
Mark I Steam-Hat Unknown
Mark II Steam-Hat Unknown
Mark III Steam-Hat Unknown
Mark IV Steam-Hat Unknown
Mark of the Bugbear Unknown
Mark of the Ghost Unknown
Mark of the Skeleton Unknown
Mark of the Vampire Unknown
Mark of the Werewolf Unknown
Mark of the Zombie Unknown
Mark V Steam-Hat Unknown
Marquis de Poivre soda n/a
marshmallow n/a
marshmallow flambé Unknown
marshroom Unknown
Martialest Arts trophy Unknown
martini Advanced Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks
martini dregs Unknown
martiny Unknown
Marvelous Unitard Unknown
Marvin's marvelous pill Unknown
marzipan skull n/a
mashed potatoes Unknown
mass of wriggling tentacles n/a
massive bag of catnip n/a
massive dumbbell Unknown
massive gemstone Unknown
Massive Manual of Marauder Mockery Unknown
massive sitar n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Master Thief's utility belt Unknown
mauve paisley oyster egg Oyster Eggs
mauve plastic oyster egg Oyster Eggs
mauve polka-dot oyster egg Oyster Eggs
mauve striped oyster egg Oyster Eggs
Maxing, Relaxing n/a
Maxwell's Silver Hammer n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Mayflower bouquet n/a
mayfly bait necklace n/a Confirmed August 2, 2008
Mayo de Mayo™ mayo Unknown
mayo lance Unknown
Mayo Minder™ Unknown
mayo pump Unknown
Mayodiol Unknown
Mayoflex Unknown
Mayonex Unknown
Mayor Ghost's cloak Unknown
Mayor Ghost's gavel Unknown
Mayor Ghost's khakis Unknown
Mayor Ghost's sash Unknown
Mayor Ghost's scissors Unknown
Mayor Ghost's toupee Unknown
Mayostat Unknown
Mayozapine Unknown
McClusky file (complete) Unknown
McClusky file (page 1) Unknown
McClusky file (page 2) Unknown
McClusky file (page 3) Unknown
McClusky file (page 4) Unknown
McClusky file (page 5) Unknown
McLeod's Hard Haggis-Ade Unknown
McMillicancuddy's Special Lager n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
McPhee's Grimoire of Hilarious Object Summoning n/a
meadeorite Unknown
meat cowboy hat n/a
Meat detector n/a
meat engine n/a
meat face n/a
meat from yesterday n/a
meat globe n/a
meat golem n/a
Meat maid n/a
Meat maid body n/a
meat paste n/a
meat shield Unknown
meat stack n/a
meat st‰¿bing club Unknown
Meat Tenderizer is Murder Unknown
meat vortex n/a
Meat-inflating powder Unknown
meatcar model n/a
Meatcleaver Unknown
meatloaf helmet n/a
meatsmithing guide n/a
meatspout staff n/a
meaty helmet turtle n/a
Mecha Mayhem Club Card Unknown
Mechamelion Unknown
Medallion of the Ventrilo Prince n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
Medical Pastaco Unknown
Medicinal Herb's medicinal herbs n/a
mediocre lager Unknown
medium slimy cyst Unknown
medium stone triangle n/a
Mega Gem n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
megacopia Unknown
megatofu n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Meleegra™ pills n/a
melon-infused sake Infused Sake
melted Jell-o shot n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
melty plastic grenade Unknown
meme generator Unknown
Memories of Beanslinging Unknown
Memories of Cow Punching Unknown
Memories of Snake Oiling Unknown
Memory Disk, Alpha Unknown
memory of a C Unknown
memory of a CA base pair Unknown
memory of a CG base pair Unknown
memory of a CT base pair Unknown
memory of a cultist's robe Unknown
memory of a G Unknown
memory of a glowing crystal Unknown
memory of a grappling hook Unknown
memory of a GT base pair Unknown
memory of a little stone block n/a
memory of a small stone block Unknown
memory of a stone half-circle Unknown
memory of a T Unknown
memory of an A Unknown
memory of an AG base pair Unknown
memory of an AT base pair Unknown
memory of an iron key n/a
memory of half a stone circle Unknown
memory of some delicious amino acids Unknown
menorette n/a
mentholated wine Unknown
menudo Gut Dishes
menudo ravioli Unknown
Mer-kin begsign Unknown
Mer-kin breastplate Unknown
Mer-kin bunwig Unknown
Mer-kin cancerstick Unknown
Mer-kin cheatsheet Unknown
Mer-kin cookiestove Unknown
Mer-kin cooljuice Unknown
Mer-kin darkbook Unknown
Mer-kin digpick n/a
Mer-kin dodgeball Unknown
Mer-kin dragbelt Unknown
Mer-kin dragnet Unknown
Mer-kin dreadscroll Unknown
Mer-kin eyedrops Unknown
Mer-kin eyeglasses Unknown
Mer-kin facecowl Unknown
Mer-kin fastjuice n/a
Mer-kin finpaddle Unknown
Mer-kin fitbrine Unknown
Mer-kin foodbucket n/a
Mer-kin gladiator mask Unknown
Mer-kin gladiator tailpiece Unknown
Mer-kin gutgirdle Unknown
Mer-kin hallpass Unknown
Mer-kin headguard Unknown
Mer-kin healscroll n/a
Mer-kin hidepaint n/a
Mer-kin hookspear n/a
Mer-kin killscroll n/a
Mer-kin knucklebone Unknown
Mer-kin lipstick Unknown
Mer-kin lockkey n/a
Mer-kin lunchbox Unknown
Mer-kin mouthsoap Unknown
Mer-kin paste n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
Mer-kin pinkslip n/a
Mer-kin prayerbeads n/a
Mer-kin pressureglobe n/a
Mer-kin ragejuice Unknown
Mer-kin rocksalt Unknown
Mer-kin rollpin Unknown
Mer-kin roundshield n/a
Mer-kin saltmint Unknown
Mer-kin saltsquid Unknown
Mer-kin sawdust Unknown
Mer-kin scholar mask Unknown
Mer-kin scholar tailpiece Unknown
Mer-kin smartjuice Unknown
Mer-kin sneakmask n/a
Mer-kin stashbox Unknown
Mer-kin stopwatch Unknown
Mer-kin strongjuice Unknown
Mer-kin switchblade Unknown
Mer-kin takebag n/a
Mer-kin thighguard Unknown
Mer-kin thingpouch n/a
Mer-kin trailmap Unknown
Mer-kin waistrope Unknown
Mer-kin weaksauce Unknown
Mer-kin wordquiz Unknown
Mer-kin worktea Unknown
Merc Core challenge coin Unknown
Merc Core deployment orders Unknown
Merc Core Field Manual: Intimidation Techniques Unknown
Merc Core Field Manual: Sanity Maintenance Unknown
mercenary headband Unknown
mercenary pistol Unknown
mercenary rifle Unknown
mermaid's purse Unknown
mesh cap n/a
Mesmereyes™ contact lenses Unknown
messy butt joint Unknown
metal band T-shirt Unknown
metal mandible n/a
metal meteoroid Unknown
metallic A Letters
metallic foil bow n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
metallic foil cat ears n/a
metallic foil radar dish n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
metandienone Unknown
Meteoid ice beam Unknown
meteor shower cap Unknown
meteorb Unknown
meteoreo Unknown
meteorite earring Unknown
meteorite fragment Unknown
meteorite guard Unknown
meteorite necklace Unknown
meteorite ring Unknown
Meteorite-Ade Unknown
meteortarboard Unknown
meteorthopedic shoes Unknown
metrognome Unknown
Mick's IcyVapoHotness Inhaler n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Mick's IcyVapoHotness Rub n/a
micronova Unknown
Microplushie: Bropane Unknown
Microplushie: Dorkonide Unknown
Microplushie: Ermahgerdic Acid Unknown
Microplushie: Fauxnerditide Unknown
Microplushie: Gothochondria Unknown
Microplushie: Hippylase Unknown
Microplushie: Hipsterine Unknown
Microplushie: Hobomosome Unknown
Microplushie: Otakulone Unknown
Microplushie: Raverdrine Unknown
Microplushie: Sororitrate Unknown
microwave stogie Unknown
mid-level medieval mead Unknown
Middle of the Road™ brand whiskey Unknown
midget clownfish Unknown
midriff scrubs Unknown
Mighty Bjorn action figure n/a
military-grade fingernail clippers Unknown
milk of magnesium n/a
Milk Studs Unknown
milky potion ! Potions
mime army camouflage kit Unknown
mime army challenge coin Unknown
mime army infiltration glove Unknown
mime army insignia (cryonics) Unknown
mime army insignia (espionage) Unknown
mime army insignia (infantry) Unknown
mime army insignia (intelligence) Unknown
mime army insignia (morale) Unknown
mime army insignia (psychological warfare) Unknown
mime army insignia (pyrotechnics) Unknown
mime army insignia (sanitation) Unknown
mime army rations Unknown
mime army shotglass Unknown
mime army superserum Unknown
mime army wine Unknown
mime eraser n/a
mime pocket probe Unknown
mime soul fragment n/a
mime-proof sunglasses Unknown
mimeplasm Unknown
miming beret Unknown
miming boots Unknown
miming corduroys Unknown
miming gloves Unknown
miming shirt Unknown
mimosette Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks
mince pie Unknown
mind flayer corpse n/a
mineapple Unknown
miner's helmet Mining Gear
miner's pants Mining Gear
Mini-Crimbot crate Unknown
mini-marshmallow dispenser Unknown
mini-martini Unknown
mini-Mr. Accessory Unknown
mini-zeppelin n/a
miniature antlers n/a
miniature boiler Unknown
miniature candle Unknown
miniature carton of clove cigarettes n/a
miniature castagnets n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
miniature coffin n/a
miniature deck cannon Unknown
miniature dormouse n/a
miniature espresso maker n/a
miniature goose mask Unknown
miniature gravy-covered maypole n/a
miniature Jacob's ladder n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
miniature life preserver Unknown
miniature power pill Unknown
miniature pruning shears Unknown
miniature stuffed Goth Giant n/a
miniature suspension bridge Unknown
miniature tophat Unknown
Miniborg beeper n/a Tested by Gorank, June 30, 2008
Miniborg Destroy-O-Bot n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
Miniborg hiveminder n/a Tested by Gorank, June 30, 2008
Miniborg laser n/a Tested by Gorank, June 30, 2008
Miniborg stomper n/a Tested by Gorank, June 30, 2008
Miniborg strangler n/a Tested by Gorank, June 30, 2008
MiniMechaElf Laser Punch Missile Launcher Unknown
minin' dynamite Unknown
mining helmet Unknown
miniscule beatbox Unknown
miniscule temporal rip n/a
mint condition Lil' Doctor™ bag Unknown
Mint Salton Pepper's Peppermint Seed Catalog Unknown
Mint Yulep Unknown
mint-condition magic wand n/a
Mint-in-box Moonthril Circlet Unknown
Mint-in-box Moonthril Cuirass Unknown
Mint-in-box Moonthril Flamberge Unknown
Mint-in-box Moonthril Greaves Unknown
Mint-in-box Moonthril Longbow Unknown
mint-in-box Powerful Glove Unknown
miracle whip Unknown
mirrored aviator shades Unknown
Miserable Pie Unknown
misfit dolly Unknown
misfit hobby horse Unknown
misfit teddy bear Unknown
Miss Graves' vermouth Unknown
misshapen animal skeleton n/a
Missing Eye Simulation Device Unknown
missing semicolon Unknown
missing wine Unknown
Misty Cape n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:32, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
Misty Cloak Unknown
Misty Robe Unknown
Mixed Garbanzos and Chickpeas Unknown
mixed wildflower greens n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
mizzenmast mop n/a
Mjolnir Jr. Unknown
Mob Penguin cellular phone n/a
Mob Penguin protection contract n/a
mocking turtle Unknown
model airship n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:32, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
modeling claymore Unknown
modern picture frame Unknown
Mohawk wig n/a
Mohobo Unknown
moist barrel Unknown
moist Crimbo spices Unknown
moist sack Unknown
moist sailor's cap n/a
mojo filter n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
mole molé n/a
mole skin notebook n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
molotov cocktail cocktail n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
molotov soda Unknown
molten brick Unknown
molten medallion Unknown
molten scrap metal Unknown
molybdenum crescent wrench n/a Confirmed 2007-09-23.
molybdenum hammer n/a Confirmed 2007-09-23.
molybdenum magnet n/a Confirmed 2007-09-23.
molybdenum pliers n/a Confirmed 2007-09-23.
molybdenum screwdriver n/a Confirmed 2007-09-23.
Mon Tiki Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks
monkey barf Unknown
monkey wrench Advanced Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks
monomolecular yo-yo n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
Monstar energy beverage n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
monster bait n/a
Monster Manuel Unknown
Monster pants n/a
monster pants Unknown
monstrous monocle Unknown
mood ring n/a
moomy dust Unknown
Moon Pie n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
moon unit Unknown
moon-amber Unknown
moon-amber necklace Unknown
moonberry wine cooler Unknown
Moonds Unknown
moonglasses n/a
moons-shine n/a
Moonshine Mohobo Unknown
Moonthril Circlet Unknown
Moonthril Cuirass Unknown
Moonthril Flamberge Unknown
Moonthril Greaves Unknown
Moonthril Longbow Unknown
Moonthril Schnapps Unknown
moose antlers Unknown
moose chocolate Unknown
moose thought Unknown
mooseflank Unknown
moosemeat pie Unknown
Moping Artistic Goth Kid Unknown
Morbidda trading card n/a Confirmed March 17, 2007
More Humanitini than Humanitini Unknown
moreltini Unknown
Morlock's Mark Bourbon n/a
morning dew Unknown
Mornington crescent roll Unknown
morningwood plank Unknown
Morphan Unknown
Mortimer's nostrum Unknown
Morto Moreto n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
mosquito larva n/a
moss-covered stone sphere Unknown
mossy stone sphere n/a
mostly rat-hide leggings n/a
mostly-broken sunglasses Unknown
mother's little helper n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
mother's secret recipe n/a
motivational poster Unknown
mouldering barrel Unknown
mountain lion skin Unknown
Mountain Stream Code Black Alert Unknown
Mountain Stream gastrique Unknown
Mountain Stream soda Sodas
mourning wine Unknown
mouse skull Unknown
moustache sock Unknown
mouth-watering mayolus Unknown
moveable feast Unknown
moxie magnet n/a
moxie weed Substat Boosters - Tier 1
Mr. Accessory n/a
Mr. Accessory Jr. n/a
Mr. Balloon n/a
Mr. Burnsger Unknown
Mr. Cheeng's 'stache Unknown
Mr. Cheeng's spectacles Unknown
Mr. Choch's bone Unknown
Mr. Container n/a
Mr. Eh? n/a
Mr. Exploiter n/a
Mr. Haggis Unknown
Mr. Joe's bangles n/a Confirmed Sept 4, 2008
Mr. Mediocrebar n/a
Mr. Screege's spectacles Unknown
Mr. Shirt n/a
Ms. Accessory n/a
MSG n/a
Mt. McLargeHuge oyster Unknown
Mt. Noob Pale Ale n/a
Mu Unknown
Mu cap Unknown
muculent machete n/a
muddy pirate hat Unknown
muddy skirt Unknown
Mudflap-Girl Earring n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Mudflap-Girl Necklace n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Mudflap-Girl Ring n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
muffled muffuletta Unknown
mugcake n/a
mulberry Unknown
mulled berry wine Unknown
mulled blood Unknown
mulled cider Unknown
mulled hobo wine Unknown
mullet wig n/a
multi-level marzipan Unknown
multi-pass Unknown
mummified beef haunch Unknown
mummified fig Unknown
mummified loaf of bread Unknown
mumming trunk Unknown
mummy costume Unknown
mummy mask n/a Tested 04/07/2007;
mummy wrapping n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
munchies pill n/a
murderbot component casing Unknown
murderbot data core Unknown
murderbot live wire Unknown
murderbot mask Unknown
murderbot memory chip Unknown
murderbot monofilament Unknown
murderbot plasma rifle Unknown
murderbot power cell Unknown
murderbot shield unit Unknown
murderbot spring injector Unknown
murderbot whip Unknown
Murderer's Punch Unknown
Murgatroyd diode Unknown
murky potion ! Potions
Murphy's Rancid Black Flag Unknown
Muschat n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
muscle band n/a Confirmed 2018-03-12
muscle oil Unknown
mushroom Unknown
mushroom badge Unknown
mushroom cap Unknown
mushroom fermenting solution n/a
mushroom filet Unknown
mushroom pants Unknown
mushroom pizza Pizzas
mushroom shield Unknown
mushroom slab Unknown
mushroom tea Unknown
mushroom whiskey Unknown
music box key Unknown
musk turtle Unknown
muskox-skin cap Unknown
Mustardigrade Unknown
musty moccasins Unknown
mutant arm Unknown
mutant cactus bud Unknown
mutant crown Unknown
mutant fire ant egg Unknown
mutant gila monster egg n/a
mutant legs Unknown
mutant rattlesnake egg Unknown
mutated candy lump Unknown
My First Art of War Unknown
My First Shaker™ Unknown
My Life of Crime, a Memoir Unknown
My Own Pen Pal kit Unknown
Mylar balloon n/a
mylar scout drone n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
myrrh-soaked, chocolate-covered bacon bath ball Unknown
Mysterious Black Box Unknown
Mysterious Blue Box Unknown
mysterious chemical residue Unknown
mysterious chest n/a Confirmed 2011-11-05
Mysterious Green Box Unknown
Mysterious Island iced tea Unknown
mysterious present Unknown
Mysterious Red Box Unknown
mysterious silver lapel pin n/a
mystery lollipop Unknown

Alpha list of all items along with their zapping information
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