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An alphabetic listing of all of the items along with their zapping information. Please update as new data is found.

  • Use '''Unknown''' for items which have not been tested yet.
  • Use n/a for items which have been tested and do not belong in a zap group.
  • Item names that begin with numbers, punctuation, or special characters (e.g. "I Love Me, Vol. I") belong in Items by Name (other).


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
ice baby Iceberglet Items Cycles in reverse order of squeezing
ice bucket Unknown
ice cream sandwich Unknown
ice harvest Unknown
ice hotel bell Unknown
ice house Unknown
Ice Island Long Tea Unknown
ice key Unknown
ice nine Unknown
ice pick Iceberglet Items Cycles in reverse order of squeezing
ice porter Unknown
ice rice Unknown
ice sculpture Unknown
ice sickle Iceberglet Items Cycles in reverse order of squeezing
ice skate decoy Unknown
ice skate doll Unknown
ice skates Iceberglet Items Unconfirmed: Cycles in reverse order of squeezing
ice stein n/a Confirmed September 16, 2006
ice wine Unknown
Ice-Cold Aluminum Necklace n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Ice-Cold Beer Ring n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Ice-Cold Beerring n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
ice-cold Cloaca Zero Unknown
ice-cold fotie Ice-Cold Suds
ice-cold Sir Schlitz Ice-Cold Suds
ice-cold six-pack n/a
ice-cold Willer Ice-Cold Suds
iceberg lettuce Unknown
Iceberglar scarf Unknown
iceberglet n/a
iced plum wine Unknown
iced-out bling n/a
icicle katana n/a
icing poncho Unknown
icy hairspray Unknown
icy katana hilt n/a
icy mushroom wine Mushroom Wines - 3rd Gen.
icy-hot katana Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit
idiot brain Unknown
Idol of Ak'gyxoth Unknown
iFlail Unknown
igloo pie Unknown
iGoogly n/a
Iiti Kitty Gumdrop Unknown
Iiti Kitty phone charm n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
illegal firecracker Unknown
illicit fish sauce Unknown
Illuminati earpiece Unknown
Illustrated Mating Rituals of the Gallapagos Unknown
imaginary lemon Unknown
imbued seal-blubber candle Unknown
imitation crab crate n/a
imitation crab meat n/a
imitation crab zoea n/a
imitation nice watch n/a
imitation whetstone n/a
imitation White Russian Unknown
immaculate egg salad sandwich Unknown
immaculate grilled cheese Unknown
immaculate hot dog Unknown
immaculate ice cream sandwich Unknown
immense ballet shoes Unknown
immense cyborg hand n/a
immense free-range mushroom Unknown
imp air Unknown
Imp Ale n/a
imp unity ring n/a
improved martini Unknown
impure gasoline Unknown
incense bath ball Unknown
incredible pizza Unknown
incredibly creepy marionette n/a
incredibly dense meat gem n/a
incriminating evidence Unknown
indescribably horrible paste Unknown
indie comic hipster glasses Unknown
Indigo Party Invitation Unknown
industrial frosting Unknown
industrial lubricant Unknown
industrial strength anti-fungal spray Unknown
industrial strength starch Unknown
inert sludgepuppy Unknown
inexplicably glowing rock n/a
infant sandworm Unknown
infernal fife n/a
infernal insoles n/a
infernal snowball Unknown
infernal toilet brush Unknown
infinite BACON machine Unknown
Infinitesimal IPA n/a
inflatable baseball bat Unknown
inflatable duck n/a
inflatable LT&T telegraph office Unknown
infrablack lipstick Unknown
ingot of seal-iron Unknown
ingot turtle Unknown
Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration Unknown
Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration (crumpled) Unknown
initiative shawarma Unknown
ink bladder n/a
inkwell n/a
inky squid sauce Unknown
Inndya trading card n/a Confirmed March 17, 2007
Inner Strength Unknown
Inner Truth Unknown
Inner Wisdom Unknown
innuendo Unknown
insane tophat Unknown
insanely spicy bean burrito Insanely Spicy Burritos
insanely spicy enchanted bean burrito Insanely Spicy Burritos
insanely spicy jumping bean burrito Insanely Spicy Burritos
Instant Karma Unknown
insulated gold wire Unknown
insulting hat Unknown
intact anemone spike Unknown
intact medium-wave antenna Unknown
interesting clod of dirt Unknown
interesting-looking twig n/a Confirmed August 2, 2008
intergalactic pom poms Unknown
internet point Unknown
interrogative elixir Unknown
Interview With You (a Vampire) Unknown
intimidating chainsaw Unknown
intimidating coiffure Unknown
intragalactic rowboat n/a
intricate clockwork big hand Unknown
intricate clockwork birdhouse Unknown
intricate clockwork cuckoo Unknown
intricate clockwork disc Unknown
intricate clockwork egg Unknown
intricate clockwork little hand Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral I Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral II Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral III Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral IV Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral IX Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral V Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral VI Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral VII Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral VIII Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral X Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral XI Unknown
intricate clockwork numeral XII Unknown
intricate music box parts Unknown
intriguing puzzle box Unknown
invisibility cream Unknown
invisibility potion Unknown
invisible bag n/a tested 2008-10-28.
invisible potion Unknown
invisible seam ripper Unknown
invisible string Unknown
ion grid n/a
ion-pulse modulation stabilizer n/a
irate sombrero n/a
Irish Coffee, English Heart Unknown
Iron Beta of Industry n/a
iron chain Unknown
iron dagger Unknown
iron helmet Unknown
iron pasta spoon n/a
iron torso box Unknown
ironic battle spoon n/a
ironic jogging shorts n/a
ironic knit cap n/a
ironic mint Unknown
ironic moustache Unknown
ironic oversized sunglasses Unknown
irradiated candy cane n/a
irradiated pet snacks n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
irradiated turtle Unknown
irresistibility potion Unknown
irritability potion Unknown
Ish Kabibble Unknown
iShield Unknown
Island Drinkin', a Tiki Mixology Odyssey Unknown
Island Hurricane Unknown
Island Landslide Unknown
Island Thunderstorm Unknown
isotophat Unknown
It Came From Beyond Dessert n/a
Item #13 Unknown
ittah bittah hookah Unknown
Iunion Crown Unknown
ivory cue ball Unknown


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
jabañero pepper n/a
jabañero-flavored chewing gum Chewing Gum
jack flapper n/a
Jack-in-the-box Unknown
Jack-O-Lantern beer Unknown
Jackass Plumber home game Unknown
Jackhammer Unknown
Jacob's rung Unknown
jagged scrap metal Unknown
jagged tooth Unknown
jalapeño slices Unknown
jam band Unknown
jam band bootleg Unknown
jam band flyers n/a
jamfish jam n/a
Jamocha berry Unknown
janglin' bones Unknown
jangly bracelet Unknown
jangly spurs Unknown
janitor sponge Unknown
janitor's mop Unknown
January's Garbage Tote Unknown
January's Garbage Tote (unopened) Unknown
jar full of wind Unknown
jar of "Creole Lady" marrrmalade n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
jar of anniversary jam n/a
jar of baby ghosts Unknown
jar of fermented pickle juice n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
jar of frostigkraut Unknown
jar of magical relish Unknown
jar of oil Unknown
jar of psychoses (Jick) Unknown
jar of psychoses (The Captain of the Gourd) Unknown
jar of psychoses (The Crackpot Mystic) Unknown
jar of psychoses (The Meatsmith) Unknown
jar of psychoses (The Old Man) Unknown
jar of psychoses (The Pretentious Artist) Unknown
jar of psychoses (The Suspicious-Looking Guy) Unknown
jar of squeeze n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
jar of swamp gas n/a
jar of swamp honey Unknown
Jarlsberg's earring Daily Dungeon Room 10 Items
Jarlsberg's hat Unknown
Jarlsberg's key Daily Dungeon Room 10 Items
Jarlsberg's key lime n/a
Jarlsberg's key lime pie Key Lime Pies
Jarlsberg's pan Unknown
Jarlsberg's pan (Cosmic portal mode) Unknown
jaunty feather Unknown
java cookie Unknown
jawbruiser Unknown
Jawmaster 2000™ Unknown
jazz soap n/a
jazzy cigarette holder Unknown
jealousy stone Unknown
Jeans of Loathing Unknown
Jeff Goldblum larva Unknown
Jefferson wings Unknown
Jekyllin hide belt n/a
jellyfish gel Unknown
Jeppson's Malort Unknown
Jerks' Health™ Magazine Unknown
jerky coins Unknown
jet bennie marble Unknown
jetpack Unknown
jewel-eyed wizard hat n/a
jewelry-making pliers n/a
Jick's autograph Unknown
jigsaw blade Unknown
jingle bell Unknown
jingling spore pod Unknown
jitterbug larva n/a Tested- --TechSmurf 16:40, 8 April 2007 (CDT)
jive turkey leg Unknown
Jocko Homo's head Unknown
Jodhpurs of Violence Unknown
Jokester makeup Unknown
Jolly Roger charrrm n/a
Jolly Roger charrrm bracelet n/a
joybuzzer n/a
jug of "wine" Unknown
jug of baconstone juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
jug of booze Unknown
jug of Gnomochloric acid n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
jug of hamethyst juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
jug of porquoise juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
jug of Sneaky Pete's Mojo Unknown
jug-o-magicalness Substat Boosters - Tier 3
juggling ball Unknown
Juju Mojo Mask Unknown
Jumbo Dr. Lucifer n/a Originally part of the Evil Food zap group, but was dropped at some point
jumbo olive Fruit - TPS
jumping bean burrito Basic Burritos
jumping bean taco n/a
jumping horseradish Unknown
jungle drum Unknown
jungle floor wax Unknown
Jungle Juice Unknown
Junior Adventurer's kit Unknown
Junior Adventurer's merit badge Unknown
Junior LAAAAME merit badge n/a
juniper berries n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
junk band Unknown
junk food Unknown
junk junk Unknown
junk trunks Unknown
junk yard Unknown
Junk-Bond Unknown
junk-mail pants n/a
junk-mail shirt Unknown


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
Ka coin Unknown
kamicorpse-ee n/a
karma shawarma Unknown
Kashmir sweater Unknown
keel-haulin' knife Unknown
Keese berry Unknown
keg shield n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
kekekey Unknown
kelp Unknown
kelp-holly drape Unknown
kelp-holly gun Unknown
Kentucky-fried meat crossbow n/a
Kentucky-fried meat staff n/a
Kentucky-fried meat sword n/a
Kentucky-style derby n/a
kerosene-soaked skip Unknown
ketchup Catsup Confirmed 10-25-2008
ketchup hound n/a
Kevlar balloon n/a
kevlateflocite helmet Unknown
key sausage Unknown
key-o-tron Unknown
keycard α Unknown
keycard β Unknown
keycard γ Unknown
keycard δ Unknown
khaki duffel bag Unknown
kick-ass kicks n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
kickback cookbook Cookbooks
kidnapped orphan Unknown
kill screen Unknown
killer rag doll n/a
killing feather n/a Confirmed August 2, 2008
killing jar Unknown
king cookie Unknown
Kiss the Knob apron n/a
Kissin' Cousins n/a
kite n/a
kitten burglar Unknown
kitty sheet music Unknown
Kitty the Zmobie Basher trading card n/a Confirmed March 17, 2007
kiwi Improved Mixers
kiwi beak Unknown
kneecapping stick n/a
knife Unknown
knight cookie Unknown
Knob batter Unknown
knob bugle Unknown
knob butter n/a
Knob cake Unknown
Knob cake pan Unknown
Knob frosting Unknown
Knob Goblin deluxe scimitar Unknown
Knob Goblin elite helm Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform
Knob Goblin elite pants Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform
Knob Goblin elite polearm Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform
Knob Goblin elite shirt n/a
Knob Goblin encryption key n/a
Knob Goblin eyedrops n/a
Knob Goblin firecracker Gourd Quest Items
Knob Goblin harem pants Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise
Knob Goblin harem veil Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise
Knob Goblin learning pill n/a
Knob Goblin love potion n/a
Knob Goblin lunchbox n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Knob Goblin melon baller n/a
Knob Goblin Mutagen Unknown
Knob Goblin nasal spray n/a
Knob Goblin pants n/a
Knob Goblin perfume n/a
Knob Goblin pet-buffing spray n/a
Knob Goblin scimitar n/a
Knob Goblin seltzer n/a
Knob Goblin sharpening spray n/a
Knob Goblin spatula n/a
Knob Goblin steroids n/a
Knob Goblin stink bomb n/a
Knob Goblin superseltzer n/a
Knob Goblin tongs n/a
Knob Goblin Uberpants n/a
Knob Goblin visor n/a
Knob Göblin lòve potion Unknown
Knob jelly donut Unknown
knob ka-bobs n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Knob Kitchen grab-bag n/a
knob labinet key Unknown
Knob lo mein Meins - Lo Tested: Knob -> Knoll
Knob mushroom Mushrooms - 1st Gen.
knob mushroom wine Mushroom Wines - 1st Gen. Tested: Knob -> spooky
Knob nuts Unknown
Knob pasty n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Knob sausage n/a
Knob sausage chow mein Meins - Chow
Knob sausage stir-fry Stir Fries - Tier 2
knob shaft skate key Unknown
Knob shroomkabob Kabobs
Knob stir-fry Stir Fries - Tier 1
Knob stroganoff Unknown
Knob stuffed shells Unknown
knob treasury key Unknown
knobby helmet turtle n/a
knobby kneepads n/a
Knoll lo mein Meins - Lo Tested: Knoll -> Asparagus
Knoll mushroom Mushrooms - 1st Gen.
knoll mushroom wine Mushroom Wines - 1st Gen. Tested: Knoll -> spooky
Knoll shroomkabob Kabobs
Knoll stir-fry Stir Fries - Tier 1
knuckle sandwich n/a Tested 2008-12-29.
kobold kibble Unknown
kobold treasure hoard Unknown
Kokomo Resort Brand Suntan Oil Unknown
Kokomo Resort Chip Unknown
Kokomo Resort Order Pad Unknown
Kokomo Resort Pass Unknown
KoL Con 12-gauge Unknown
KoL Con 13 snowglobe Unknown
KoL Con 13 T-shirt Unknown
KoL Con 3-D Glasses n/a Tested by Werebear --TechSmurf 13:37, 10 April 2007 (CDT)
KoL Con 8-Bit power bracelet Unknown
KoL Con Cinco Piñata Bat Unknown
KoL Con IV Pole Unknown
KoL Con Six Pack Unknown
KoL Con X Bingo Card Unknown
KoL Con X Treasure Map Unknown
KoLHS Pep Squad Box Unknown
Krakrox's Loincloth n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:28, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
Kramco Industries packing carton Unknown
Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™ Unknown
Krampus Horn Unknown
Kremlin's Greatest Briefcase Unknown
Kudzu salad Unknown
Kudzu slaw Unknown
kumquartz Unknown
kumquartz ring Unknown
kumquat Improved Mixers
kumquat supersucker Unknown
KWE-brand transistor radio n/a

Alpha list of all items along with their zapping information
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