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An alphabetic listing of all of the items along with their zapping information. Please update as new data is found.

  • Use '''Unknown''' for items which have not been tested yet.
  • Use n/a for items which have been tested and do not belong in a zap group.
  • Item names that begin with numbers, punctuation, or special characters (e.g. "I Love Me, Vol. I") belong in Items by Name (other).


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
hacienda key Unknown
hacked gibson Unknown
haggis socks Unknown
haggis-infused soap Unknown
haggis-wrapped haggis-stuffed haggis Unknown
haiku challenge map n/a
haiku katana n/a
hair of the calf Unknown
hair of the fish Unknown
hair oil Unknown
hair spray n/a
Hairpiece On Fire Unknown
hairshirt Unknown
hairy staff n/a
Half a Purse Unknown
half double fruitcake Unknown
half of a gold tooth Unknown
half of a memo n/a
half-baked potion Unknown
half-digested coal Unknown
half-empty carton of milk Unknown
half-height unicycle Unknown
half-melted hula girl Unknown
half-melted spoon Unknown
half-orchid n/a
half-rotten brain n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
half-size scalpel Unknown
half-sized guitar n/a Confirmed 2010-01-03
halfberd n/a
halibut Unknown
ham steak Unknown
hambrosier Unknown
hamburger Unknown
hamethyst Pork Elf Gems
hamethyst bracelet n/a
hamethyst earring n/a
hamethyst necklace n/a
hamethyst ring n/a
hamethyst-handled sixgun Unknown
hamlet sandwich Unknown
hammer Unknown
Hammer of Smiting n/a
hammerus Unknown
hand grenegg n/a
Hand in Glove Unknown
hand of cards Unknown
hand of Mr. Cards Unknown
Hand that Rocks the Ladle Unknown
hand turkey outline n/a
hand-carved bokken Unknown
hand-carved bow Unknown
hand-carved staff Unknown
hand-knitted Crimbo socks Unknown
hand-knitted diving booties Unknown
handful of barley Unknown
handful of bees Unknown
handful of confetti n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
handful of crafty noodles Unknown -
handful of Crotchety Pine needles n/a
handful of drink tickets n/a
handful of fire Unknown
handful of hand chalk n/a
handful of headless bolts Unknown
handful of honey Unknown
handful of juicy garbage Unknown
handful of Laughing Willow bark C. Pine needles tested, needs confirm
handful of moss n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
handful of napalm Unknown
handful of numbers Unknown
handful of nuts and berries n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
handful of pine needles n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
handful of sand n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
handful of sawdust n/a Tested by Gorank, March 9, 2008
handful of Smithereens Unknown
handful of stubble Unknown
handful of tips Unknown
handful of walnuts n/a
handful of wires Unknown
handmade hobby horse n/a Tested by Gorank, March 9, 2008
Handsome Devil Unknown
handsomeness potion n/a
handyman "hand soap" Unknown
hang glider n/a
hangman's hood Unknown
Hanukkimbo dreidl n/a
happiness n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Happy Birthday, Claude! cake n/a
hard rock candy n/a
hard spore pod Unknown
hard-boiled ostrich egg n/a
hardboiled egg Unknown
hardened slime belt Unknown
hardened slime hat Unknown
hardened slime pants Unknown
hardware upgrade n/a Tested --TechSmurf 13:48, 10 April 2007 (CDT)
hare brush Unknown
hare pin Unknown
harem girl t-shirt n/a
Harold's bell n/a
Harold's hammer n/a
Harold's hammer handle n/a
Harold's hammer head n/a
Hat O' Nine Tails Unknown
Hatorade n/a
haunted battery Unknown
haunted bindle Unknown
haunted bottle of vodka Unknown
haunted cherry pie Unknown
haunted doghouse Unknown
haunted eggnog Unknown
haunted flame Unknown
haunted gimlet Unknown
haunted Hell ramen Unknown
haunted martini Unknown
haunted orange Unknown
haunted paddle-ball Unknown
haunted pizza Unknown
Haunted Sorority House staff guide Unknown
hawk Unknown
hawkface potion Unknown
Hawking's Elixir of Brilliance n/a
Haymaker Unknown
hazardous sauce dosimeter Unknown
hazmat helmet Unknown
head mirror Unknown
headhunter necktie n/a
headless sparrow Unknown
headpiece of the Staff of Ed n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
healthy juice Unknown
heart cozy Unknown
heart necklace n/a
heart of dark chocolate Unknown
heart of rock and roll n/a
heart of the filthworm queen n/a
heart of the volcano n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:27, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
heart-shaped balloon n/a
heart-shaped candy whetstone Unknown
heart-shaped crate Unknown
heat-resistant gloves Unknown
heat-resistant necktie Unknown
heat-resistant sheet metal Unknown
heather graham cracker Unknown
heavy crown Unknown
heavy D Letters
heavy duty umbrella Unknown
heavy hammer Unknown
heavy hot sauce n/a
heavy leather-bound tome Unknown
heavy metal sonata n/a
heavy metal thunderrr guitarrr n/a
heavy necklace chain n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
heavy pickaxe Unknown
heavy-duty bendy straw Unknown
heavy-duty clipboard Unknown
heavy-duty Crimbot aerial Unknown
hedge maze key n/a
hedge maze puzzle n/a
hedgeturtle Unknown
Heimandatz's heart Unknown
Heimz Fortified Kidney Beans Unknown
Hell and How I Bent It Unknown
Hell broth n/a
hell in a bucket Unknown
Hell ramen Reagent Noodle Dishes
Hellfire Spicy Beans Unknown
hellion cube n/a
hellseal brain Unknown
hellseal claw Unknown
hellseal disguise Unknown
hellseal hide Unknown
hellseal sinew Unknown
hellseal whisker Unknown
Helm of the Scream Emperor Unknown
helm of the white knight Unknown
helmet recipe n/a
helmet turtle Starting Items
Helps-You-Sleep Unknown
Helvella Haemophilia mushroom Unknown
hemlock helm Unknown
hemp backpack n/a Tested --TechSmurf 13:36, 10 April 2007 (CDT)
hemp candy necklace Unknown
hemp net n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
hemp string n/a Removal from zap group detected on 14 September 2010
henna face paint n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
henna tattoo n/a
hep waders Unknown
herb brownies Brownies
herbal stuffing n/a
herbs n/a
hermit factoid Unknown
hermit permit n/a
hermit script n/a
hero's skull Unknown
Herring Daiquiri Unknown
Herring Wallbanger Unknown
herringcello Unknown
Herringtini Unknown
Hersey™ SMOOCH Unknown
heteroerotic frat-paddle Unknown
hewn moon-rune spoon Unknown
hexagonal wand n/a
Hey Deze map n/a Nothing happens. You can't zap this.
Hey Deze nuts n/a Confirmed September 16, 2006
hi-density nylocite leg armor Unknown
hi-octane carrot juice Unknown
Hi-Octane Peppermint Jet Fuel n/a
hibernating Grimstone Golem Unknown
hibernating robot reindeer Unknown
hibiscus petal Unknown
Hide-rox™ cookie Unknown
hideous egg Unknown
high-calorie sugar substitute Unknown
high-end ginger wine Unknown
high-energy mining laser Unknown
high-friction boots Unknown
high-grade explosives Unknown
high-grade metal Unknown
high-octane olive oil n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
high-pressure seltzer bottle n/a
high-resistance ultrapolymer plating n/a
high-speed upgrade Unknown
high-temperature mining drill n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:27, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
high-temperature mining mask Unknown
high-tensile-strength fibers Unknown
high-test fishing line Unknown
Highest Bitter Unknown
hilarious comedy prop n/a
hill of beans Beans
Himalayan Hidalgo sauce n/a
hippo skin buckler n/a
hippo tutu Unknown
hippo whip n/a
hippopotamus kilt n/a
hippopotamus pants n/a
hippopotamus skin Tr4pz0r Skins
hippopotamus skirt n/a
hipposkin poncho n/a Confirmed 2007-04-20
Hippy Army MPE n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
hippy bongo n/a
hippy herbal tea n/a
hippy medical kit n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
hippy paste Unknown
hippy protest button n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
hipster cocktail Unknown
History's Most Offensive Jokes, Vol. IX Unknown
Hjodor's Guide to Arctic Dalmatians Unknown
Hjodor's Guide to Arctic Dalmatians (used) Unknown
HOA citation pad Unknown
HOA regulation book Unknown
HOA zombie eyes Unknown
hoarded candy wad Unknown
hobo code binder n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
hobo dungarees n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
hobo fortress blueprints n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
hobo gristle n/a
hobo monkey n/a Tested --~~
hobo nickel n/a Tested by Gorank, June 30, 2008
hobo paste Unknown
hobo stogie n/a
hockey stick of furious angry rage n/a
Hodgman's almanac n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
Hodgman's blanket n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
Hodgman's bow tie Hodgman's Regal Frippery Confirmed on July 3, 2008
Hodgman's cane n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:14, 4 September 2008 (CDT)
Hodgman's disgusting technicolor overcoat Unknown
Hodgman's garbage sticker n/a
Hodgman's harmonica n/a
Hodgman's imaginary hamster Unknown
Hodgman's journal #1: The Lean Times Unknown
Hodgman's journal #2: Entrepreneurythmics Unknown
Hodgman's journal #3: Pumping Tin n/a
Hodgman's journal #4: View From The Big Top n/a
Hodgman's lobsterskin pants Hodgman's Regal Frippery Confirmed on July 3, 2008
Hodgman's lucky sock n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:27, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
Hodgman's metal detector n/a
Hodgman's porkpie hat Hodgman's Regal Frippery Confirmed on July 3, 2008
Hodgman's varcolac paw n/a
Hodgman's whackin' stick n/a
holiday cheese log Unknown
Holiday Fun! Unknown
Holiday Hal's Happy-Time Fun Book! Unknown
holiday log Unknown
holistic headache remedy Unknown
Hollandaise helmet n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:27, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
holly-flavored Hob-O Unknown
holo-bomber Unknown
holo-platoon Unknown
holo-tank Unknown
holy bomb, batman Unknown
Holy MacGuffin n/a
holy spring water Unknown
home robotics kit Unknown
homeless hobo spirit n/a
homemade robot Unknown
homemade robot gear Unknown
homeopathic healing powder n/a
homeopathic mint tea Unknown
homoerotic frat-paddle Frat Boy Ensemble
honey dipper Unknown
honey mead Unknown
honey stick Unknown
honey-dew n/a Confirmed 2007-06-03
honey-dipped locust n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
honeybritches Unknown
honeycap Unknown
honeypot Unknown
hopeful candle Unknown
hopping socks Unknown
horizontal tango Advanced Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks
hors d'oeuvre tray n/a
Horsery contract Unknown
hosed fishbowl n/a
hosed tank n/a
Hot 'n' Scarys Unknown
hot and sour sauce n/a
hot ashes Unknown
hot buttered roll n/a
hot button candy Unknown
hot choculate n/a
hot cluster Unknown
hot clusterbomb Unknown
hot coal Unknown
hot cocoa au beurre Unknown
hot cocoa with rainbow marshmallows Unknown
hot cross bow n/a
hot date n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
hot daub Unknown
hot daub bun Unknown
hot daub stand Unknown
hot Dreadsylvanian cocoa Unknown
hot egg Unknown
hot hi mein Meins - Hi Tested: hot -> spooky
hot jelly Unknown
hot katana blade n/a
hot mint schnocolate Unknown
hot nuggets n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:27, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
hot pink lipstick n/a
hot plate n/a
hot powder n/a
Hot Socks Unknown
hot spore pod Unknown
hot stuffing n/a
hot toady n/a
hot wad n/a
hot watered rum Unknown
hot wing n/a
hot-ass club n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 19:27, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
hotel minibar key Unknown
hothammer Unknown
hourglass Unknown
house of twigs and spit Unknown
house-sized mushroom Unknown
hovering sombrero n/a
How to Avoid Scams Unknown
How To Get Bigger Without Really Trying Unknown
How to Hold a Grudge Unknown
How to Play Othello Unknown
How to Tolerate Jerks Unknown
HP-35 Calculator Unknown
huge bowl of candy Unknown
huge gold coin Unknown
huge mint leaf Unknown
huge mirror shard n/a
huge mosquito proboscis Unknown
huge pumpkin Unknown
huge spoon n/a
Huggler Radio Unknown
Hugo's Weaving Manual n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
human musk Unknown
Humanitini Unknown
humble pie Unknown
humming El Vibrato drone n/a
Humpty Dumplings Unknown
Hundred Headed IPA Unknown
Hunger™ Sauce Unknown
hungover chauvinist pig Unknown
hunk of granite Unknown
hunter brain Unknown
hushed puppy Unknown
hustler shades Unknown
hyperbolic plasma focuser n/a
hyperinflated seal lung Unknown
hypnodisk n/a
hypnotic breadcrumbs Unknown
hypodermic needle n/a

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