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An alphabetic listing of all of the items along with their zapping information. Please update as new data is found.

  • Use '''Unknown''' for items which have not been tested yet.
  • Use n/a for items which have been tested and do not belong in a zap group.
  • Item names that begin with numbers, punctuation, or special characters (e.g. "I Love Me, Vol. I") belong in Items by Name (other).


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
f'c'le sh'c'le k'y Unknown
f3d0r4 n/a Confirmed 11 Sept. 2007 -- Astronautty
Fabiotion Unknown
fabric hardener Unknown
fabric softener Unknown
facehugging alien Unknown
facsimile dictionary n/a
faded green protest sign Unknown
faded red protest sign Unknown
faerie dust Unknown
fairy gravy boat n/a
fairy-worn boots Unknown
fake blood n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fake cocktail Unknown
fake fake vomit n/a
fake hand n/a
fake plastic grass n/a
fake washboard Unknown
Falcon™ Maltese Liquor Unknown
false eyelashes n/a
Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium n/a
famous blue raincoat Unknown
fancy ball mask n/a Tested: n/a -Vesiv
fancy bath salts n/a
fancy beef jerky Unknown
fancy beer bottle Unknown
fancy beer label Unknown
fancy black tie Unknown
fancy blue potion Unknown
fancy boots Unknown
fancy but probably evil chocolate n/a
fancy calligraphy pen Unknown
fancy canapés n/a tested 2008-10-28.
fancy chess set Unknown
fancy chocolate n/a
fancy chocolate car Unknown
fancy chocolate sculpture Unknown
fancy dress ball n/a
fancy gourd potion Unknown
Fancy Jeff's fancy pocket square Unknown
fancy marzipan briefcase Unknown
fancy oil painting Unknown
fancy opera glasses Unknown
fancy party pants Unknown
fancy schmancy cheese sauce n/a
fancy seashell necklace n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fancy stationery set Unknown
fancy tin beer can Unknown
fancy tophat Unknown
fancy tuxedo pants Unknown
Fantasma en la Máquina Unknown
FantasyRealm G. E. M. Unknown
FantasyRealm guest pass Unknown
FantasyRealm key Unknown
FantasyRealm Mage's Hat Unknown
FantasyRealm mead Unknown
FantasyRealm membership packet Unknown
FantasyRealm Rogue's Mask Unknown
FantasyRealm tattoo kit Unknown
FantasyRealm turkey leg Unknown
FantasyRealm Warrior's Helm Unknown
farfalle bow tie Unknown
fascinating alien plant sample Unknown
fascinating alien zoological sample Unknown
fat bottom quark Unknown
fat loot token n/a
fat stacks of cash n/a
fat wallet n/a
Fauna Libre Unknown
Faux Unknown
FDKOL commendation Unknown
FDKOL fire hose Unknown
FDKOL hotcakes Unknown
FDKOL tattoo Unknown
fear condenser Unknown
feathered headdress Unknown
Feliz Navidad Unknown
felt n/a
Feng Shui for Big Dumb Idiots Feng Shui Items
Ferita Del Petto Zinfandel n/a Tested --TechSmurf 13:33, 10 April 2007 (CDT)
fermented honey n/a
fermenting powder n/a Confirmed 11 Sept. 2007 -- Astronautty
Fernswarthy's key n/a
Fernswarthy's letter n/a Confirmed 11 Sept. 2007 -- Astronautty
ferret bait n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Ferrigno's Elixir of Power n/a
fertilized ghuol egg n/a
festive holiday hat Irradiated Crimbo Town
festive sausage Unknown
festive warbear bank Unknown
fetid feather n/a
Fettris Unknown
fettucini Inconnu Reagent Noodle Dishes
Fettucini épines Inconnu Unknown
fettucini épines Inconnu Unknown
Fettucini épines Inconnu recipe Unknown
fettucini épines Inconnu recipe Unknown
fetus-smashing club Unknown
Feynman gate n/a
fez of etymology n/a
fiberglass fannypack n/a
fiberglass fedora n/a
fiberglass fetish n/a
fiberglass fibers Unknown
fiberglass fingerguard n/a
fiberglass foil n/a
fiberglass frock n/a
fiberglass insulation Unknown
Field Guide to Skeletal Anatomy Unknown
Field Guide to Skeletal Anatomy (shredded) Unknown
fiery wing Unknown
figurine of a charred seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of a cold seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of a cute baby seal Unknown
figurine of a shadowy seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of a sleek seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of a slippery seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of a stinking seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of a wretched-looking seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of an ancient seal n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
figurine of an armored seal Unknown
filet of tangy gnat ("fotelif") Lasagna Meats Long pork confirmed 6th July 07
filet of The Fish Unknown
filigreed hamethyst earring n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
filigreed hamethyst necklace n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
filigreed hamethyst ring n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
filling Unknown
filter helmet Unknown
filth-encrusted futon n/a Tested --Jasonharper 16:06, 10 August 2008 (CDT)
filthworm drone scent gland n/a
filthworm hatchling scent gland n/a
filthworm royal guard scent gland n/a Tested by Gorank, March 9, 2008
filthy armor Unknown
filthy child leash Unknown
filthy corduroys Filthy Hippy Disguise
filthy hippy poncho n/a
filthy knitted dread sack Filthy Hippy Disguise
filthy lucre n/a Confirmed 11 Sept. 2007 -- Astronautty
filthy monkey head Unknown
filthy pestle n/a Confirmed 11 Sept. 2007 -- Astronautty
filthy poultice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fin-bit wax Unknown
fine aged cheddarwurst Unknown
fine wine Fermenting Powder Drinks
finger cuffs Unknown
finger cymbals Unknown
finger exerciser Unknown
fingerless hobo gloves n/a
fingerprint dusting kit Unknown
Finnish Fish Unknown
fire n/a
fire axe Unknown
fire flower n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fire hose Unknown
fire of unknown origin Unknown
fire poi n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fireball Unknown
firebomb Unknown
fireclutch Unknown
fireman's helmet Unknown
fireman's lunch Unknown
firemilk Unknown
fireproof megaphone Unknown
fireproof skip lid Unknown
Firewater Unknown
First Post shirt - Cir Senam Unknown
First Post shirt package Unknown
first-aid pouch Unknown
fish bazooka n/a Tested October 25, 2008
fish hatchet Unknown
fish head Unknown
fish hose n/a
fish juice box Unknown
fish sauce Unknown
fish scimitar n/a Tested October 25, 2008
fish stick n/a Tested October 25, 2008
fish stick cozy Unknown
fish-liver oil n/a Tested by Gorank, March 9, 2008
fish-oil smoke bomb Unknown
fishbone belt Unknown
fishbone bracers Unknown
fishbone catcher's mitt Unknown
fishbone corset Unknown
fishbone facemask Unknown
fishbone fins Unknown
fishbone kneepads Unknown
fishbowl n/a
fishcake Unknown
fishelada Unknown
fisherman's sack Unknown
fishin' hat Unknown
fishin' pole n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
fishtank n/a
fishy fish n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fishy fish casserole n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fishy fish lasagna Lasagne
fishy paste Unknown
fishy pipe Unknown
fishy wand Unknown
fist turkey outline Unknown
fistful of ashes Unknown
fistful of wood shavings Unknown
fitness wristband Unknown
Fitspiration™ poster Unknown
Five Second Energy™ Unknown
five-gallon hat Unknown
fixed-gear bicycle Unknown
fizzing spore pod Unknown
fizzy potion ! Potions
fizzy soda Unknown
flagstone fez Unknown
flagstone flag Unknown
flagstone flail Unknown
flagstone fleece Unknown
flagstone flip-flops Unknown
flagstone fringe Unknown
Flail of the Seven Aspects Unknown
flame orb Unknown
flamin' bindle n/a
Flamin' Whatshisname Unknown
Flaming Caipiranha Unknown
flaming cardboard sword n/a
flaming crutch n/a
flaming familiar doppelgänger n/a Does not zap.
flaming feather n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
flaming glowsticks n/a
flaming juggler's balls n/a Does not zap.
Flaming Knob Unknown
Flaming Mohobo Unknown
flaming mushroom Mushrooms - 3rd Gen.
flaming mushroom wine Mushroom Wines - 3rd Gen.
flaming nose Unknown
flaming pink shirt n/a Does not zap.
Flaming Sazerorc Unknown
flaming sword Unknown
flaming talons n/a
flamingo mallet Unknown
Flan Unknown
flan del mar Unknown
Flan in the Moon Unknown
flange n/a Does not zap.
flapper floppers Unknown
flaregun n/a
flashing novelty button n/a
flashy pirate dreadlocks Unknown
flask flops Unknown
flask of Amontillado n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
flask of baconstone juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
flask of embalming fluid Unknown
flask of Gnomochloric acid n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
flask of hamethyst juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
flask of holy water Unknown
flask of mining oil Unknown
flask of moonshine Unknown
flask of peppermint oil n/a
flask of peppermint schnapps n/a
flask of porquoise juice n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
flask of port Unknown
flask of rainwater Unknown
flask of tainted mining oil Unknown
Flaskfull of Hollow Unknown
flat cider Unknown
flat dough n/a
flat mushroom wine Mushroom Wines - 2nd Gen. Tested: flat -> pointy
flavored foot massage oil n/a
flavorless gruel Unknown
flayed mind Unknown
fleetwood chain Unknown
fleetwood mac 'n' cheese Unknown
fleetwood macaroni Unknown
fleshy lump Unknown
flickering flashlight Unknown
flickering pixel Unknown
flimsy clipboard Unknown
flimsy hardwood scraps Unknown
flimsy ski pole Unknown
flirtatious feather n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
Flivver Unknown
floaty gravel Unknown
floaty inverse geode Unknown
floaty pebbles Unknown
floaty rock Unknown
floaty rock helmet Unknown
floaty rock necklace Unknown
floaty rock pants Unknown
floaty sand n/a Does not zap.
floaty stone sphere Unknown
floorboard cruft n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
floral print shirt n/a
floral-print skirt Unknown
flower petal pie n/a
flowing hippy skirt n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fluid of fudge-finding Unknown
fluorescent lightbulb Unknown
flute of flat champagne n/a Confirmed October 2, 2006
Fly-By-Knight Heraldry form n/a
flyest of shirts n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
Flying Caipiranha Unknown
flypaper staff n/a
flytrap bezoar n/a
flytrap pellet n/a
foam commodore's hat Unknown
foam dart n/a
foam naval trousers Unknown
foam noodle n/a
foam pistol Unknown
foetid seal tear Unknown
Fog Murderer Unknown
foggy glass globe n/a
foie gras n/a
folder (barbarian) Unknown
folder (blue) Unknown
folder (catfish) Unknown
folder (cyan) Unknown
folder (D-Team) Unknown
folder (dancing dolphins) Unknown
folder (Ex-Files) Unknown
folder (green) Unknown
folder (heavy metal) Unknown
folder (holographic fractal) Unknown
folder (Jackass Plumber) Unknown
folder (Knight Writer) Unknown
folder (KOLHS) Unknown
folder (magenta) Unknown
folder (owl) Unknown
folder (rainbow unicorn) Unknown
folder (red) Unknown
folder (Seawolf) Unknown
folder (skull and crossbones) Unknown
folder (smiley face) Unknown
folder (space skeleton) Unknown
folder (sports car) Unknown
folder (sportsballs) Unknown
folder (Stinky Trash Kid) Unknown
folder (tranquil landscape) Unknown
folder (wizard) Unknown
folder (Yedi) Unknown
folder (yellow) Unknown
Folder Holder Unknown
food drive button Unknown
foolscap fool's cap Terrifying Clown Suit
foon n/a
foon of fearfulness n/a
foon of fleshiness n/a
foon of foulness n/a
foon of frigidity n/a
foon of fulmination n/a
foot-long hot daub Unknown
football helmet n/a
forbidden danish Unknown
forbidden sausage Unknown
foreign box Unknown
foreign language tapes Unknown
forest spirit rattle Unknown
forest tears n/a
forged identification documents n/a
Former Sheriff Dan's tin star Unknown
fortifying hot cocoa Unknown
fortune cookie n/a
fossilized baboon skull Unknown
fossilized bat skull Unknown
fossilized demon skull Unknown
fossilized limb Unknown
fossilized necklace Unknown
fossilized serpent skull Unknown
fossilized spider skull Unknown
fossilized spike Unknown
fossilized spine Unknown
fossilized torso Unknown
fossilized wing Unknown
fossilized wyrm skull Unknown
fouet de tortue-dressage Unknown
fountain 'soda' Unknown
four-gallon hat Unknown
Fourth of May Cosplay Saber Unknown
Fourth of May Cosplay Saber kit Unknown
fragment of Jarlsberg's soul Unknown
Frank Gorshin trophy Unknown
Frankly Mr. Shank Unknown
Frat Army FGF n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
frat brats n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
fraudwort n/a
frayed rope belt n/a
Freddie's blessing of Mercury Unknown
Freddy Kruegerand Unknown
free-range mushroom Unknown
freezer-burned frost-bitten tortellini Unknown
freezerburned ice cube n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
freezin' bindle n/a
French bronilla brogurt Unknown
French slippers n/a tested 2008-10-28.
french-fry grabber Unknown
freshwater fishbone Unknown
freshwater pearl necklace Unknown
fricasseed brains n/a
Friendliness Beverage Unknown
friendly cheez blob Unknown
Friendly Turkey Unknown
frightful feather n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
frigid air mattress n/a stained mattress tested; needs confirm
frigid derringer Unknown
frigid fudgepuck Unknown
frigid hankyū n/a Confirmed --TheArchivist 19:42, 5 June 2009 (UTC)
frigid mote n/a
frigid ninja stars n/a
Frigid Northern Beans Unknown
frigid-ass club Unknown
frilly shirt n/a
frilly skirt n/a
Frobozz Real-Estate Company Instant House (TM) n/a
frog lip-print Unknown
Frogade n/a
Fromage Pinotage Unknown
frontwinder skin Unknown
frost flower Unknown
frost-rimed desk bell Unknown
frost-rimed seal hide Unknown
frostbite-flavored Hob-O n/a
frosty button Unknown
frosty halo Unknown
Frosty's arm n/a Confirmed --TheArchivist 19:42, 5 June 2009 (UTC)
Frosty's carrot Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments Tested 2008-09-10
Frosty's frosty mug n/a
Frosty's iceball n/a Tested 2008-11-22
Frosty's nailbat Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments Tested 2008-09-09
Frosty's old silk hat Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments Tested 2008-09-11
Frosty's snowball sack n/a Tested 2008-09-15
Frost™ brand sword n/a
Frown Exerciser Unknown
frozen banquet n/a
frozen danish Unknown
frozen feather n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
frozen Mob Penguin n/a
frozen mushroom Mushrooms - 3rd Gen.
frozen nunchaku n/a
frozen seal spine Unknown
frozen shampoo-conditioner Unknown
frozen turtle shell Unknown
fruit basket n/a
fruit bat Unknown
fruit bowl n/a
fruit-leather negatives Unknown
fruitcake n/a
fruitfilm n/a
fruity girl swill Unknown
fry-oil-flavored Hob-O n/a
frying brainpan Unknown
Fu Manchu Wax Unknown
fudge bunny Unknown
fudge cube Unknown
Fudge Fiber Armor Plating Unknown
fudge lily Unknown
fudge pocket square Unknown
fudge spork Unknown
fudge-shaped hole in space-time Unknown
fudgecule Unknown
fudgecycle Unknown
fudgesicle Unknown
Fudgie Roll Unknown
full lava bottle Unknown
full meat tank n/a
fumble formula Unknown
Fun-Guy spore Unknown
FunFunds™ Unknown
funhouse mirror Unknown
funky brass fez n/a
funky dried mushroom n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
funky eyepatch Unknown
funky junk key Unknown
funny bone Unknown
funny paper hat Unknown
furious stone Unknown
furniture dolly n/a Confirmed 2007-08-12.
furry brown pillow Unknown
furry fur n/a
furry green earmuffs n/a
furry green turtle n/a
furry halo Unknown
furry kilt n/a
furry pants Furry Suit
furry pill Unknown
furry pink pillow Unknown
furry skirt n/a
fused fuse Unknown
fusilli marrownarrow Unknown
fusillocybin Unknown
fustulent seal grulch Unknown
future drug: Coolscaline Unknown
future drug: Muscularactum Unknown
future drug: Smartinex Unknown
fuzzbump Advanced Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks
Fuzzby Unknown
fuzzy bracelets Unknown
fuzzy busby n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
fuzzy dice n/a
fuzzy earmuffs n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
fuzzy montera n/a Philmasterplus (talk) 18:52, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
fuzzy polar bear ears Unknown
Fuzzy Slippers of Hatred Unknown
Fuzzy Tentacle Unknown

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