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An alphabetic listing of all of the items along with their zapping information. Please update as new data is found.

  • Use '''Unknown''' for items which have not been tested yet.
  • Use n/a for items which have been tested and do not belong in a zap group.
  • Item names that begin with numbers, punctuation, or special characters (e.g. "I Love Me, Vol. I") belong in Items by Name (other).


Description Zap Group Zap Test Comment
A Beginner's Guide to Charming Snakes n/a
A Beginner's Guide to Charming Snakes (used) Unknown
a bug's lymph Unknown
a butt tuba n/a Tested:--WhoWantsToKnow 0806, 31 December 2009 (CDT) - shudders, nothing
a creased paper strip Unknown
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 1 n/a
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 1 (used) Unknown
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2 n/a
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 2 (used) Unknown
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 3 n/a
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 3 (used) Unknown
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 4 n/a
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 4 (used) Unknown
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 5 n/a
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 5 (used) Unknown
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 6 n/a
A Crimbo Carol, Ch. 6 (used) Unknown
a crinkled paper strip Unknown
a crumpled paper strip Unknown
a cute angel Unknown
a dance upon the palate Unknown
a folded paper strip Unknown
A Guide to Safari Unknown
A Light that Never Goes Out Unknown
a little sump'm sump'm Advanced Cocktailcrafting Final Drinks
A muse-bouche Unknown
a ragged paper strip Unknown
a ripped paper strip Unknown
a rumpled paper strip Unknown
a suspicious address Unknown
a ten-percent bonus Unknown
a torn paper strip Unknown
A-Boo clue Unknown
A-Boo glue Unknown
A. W. O. L. commendation Unknown
abandoned candy n/a Confirmed August 2, 2008
abominable blubber n/a
abominable snowcone n/a Tested: Shudders, nothing --Tykinruoka 03:11, 7 August 2008 (CDT)
abridged dictionary n/a
absentee voter ballot Unknown
abstraction: action Unknown
abstraction: category Unknown
abstraction: certainty Unknown
abstraction: comprehension Unknown
abstraction: joy Unknown
abstraction: motion Unknown
abstraction: perception Unknown
abstraction: purpose Unknown
abstraction: sensation Unknown
abstraction: thought Unknown
abyssal battle plans Unknown
Abyssal ember n/a
acceptable bagel Unknown
acceptable mayolus Unknown
acceptable vodka Unknown
accidental cider n/a Tested:--Lagorio 14:48, 27 April 2008 (CDT) - shudders, nothing
accidental mutton Unknown
accord ion Unknown
accordion file Unknown
Accordion of Jordion Unknown
accordionoid rocca Unknown
acid-squirting flower n/a Tested:--Renata 20:07, 1 June 2007 (CDT) - shudders, nothing
acoustic guitarrr n/a Tested: -- Led Zeppelin 9:04 PM (GMT -06:00) - shudders, nothing
Acqua Del Piatto Merlot Mafia Wines Tested: Uovo Marcio Shiraz to Acqua Del Piatto Merlot
Acque Luride Grezze Cabernet Mafia Wines Tested --TechSmurf 13:31, 10 April 2007 (CDT)
action figure body n/a
action figure head n/a
actual blood sausage Unknown
actual reality goggles Unknown
actual skeleton key Unknown
actual tapas Unknown
adder Unknown
adder bladder n/a Confirmed 2007-08-10.
adequate rum Unknown
adhesive tape dolly Unknown
Admiral's hat Unknown
adorable seal larva Unknown
Adventurer bobblehead Unknown
adventurer clone egg Unknown
aerated diving helmet n/a Tested 2008-12-07.
Aerheads Unknown
aerogel accordion Unknown
aerogel akubra Unknown
aerogel anvil Unknown
aerogel apron Unknown
aerogel ascot Unknown
aerogel attache case Unknown
aerosolized aerogel Unknown
Affirmation Cookie Unknown
affordable teak perch Unknown
Afternoon Delight Unknown
Agent Corrigan's cigarette Unknown
Agent Mauve Unknown
Aggressive Carrot Unknown
Agitated Turkey Unknown
agnolotti arboli Unknown
agua de vida n/a
Aiolion Unknown
airblaster gun Unknown
airborne mutagen Unknown
airplane charter: Conspiracy Island Unknown
airplane charter: Dinseylandfill Unknown
airplane charter: Spring Break Beach Unknown
airplane charter: That 70s Volcano Unknown
airplane charter: The Glaciest Unknown
airplane tattoo Unknown
alabaster bishop Unknown
alabaster king Unknown
alabaster knight Unknown
alabaster pawn Unknown
alabaster queen Unknown
alabaster rook Unknown
alarm accordion Unknown
albatross necklace n/a Confirmed 2007-06-03
Aldebaran sardines Unknown
Alewife™ Ale   Tested: Shudders, nothing --Foggy 16:17, 26 October 2011 (CEST)
Alexy sauce Unknown
Alice's Army Alchemist Unknown Tested: Shudders, nothing (this appears to be true for all Alice's Army cards)
Alice's Army booster box Unknown
Alice's Army Bowman Unknown
Alice's Army Cleric Unknown
Alice's Army Coward Unknown
Alice's Army Dervish Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Alchemist Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Bowman Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Cleric Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Coward Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Dervish Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Guard Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Halberder Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Hammerman Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Horseman Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Lanceman Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Mad Bomber Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Martyr Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Ninja Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Nurse Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Page Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Shieldmaiden Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Sniper Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Spearsman Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Swordsman Unknown
Alice's Army Foil tattoo Unknown
Alice's Army Foil Wallman Unknown
Alice's Army Guard Unknown
Alice's Army Halberder Unknown
Alice's Army Hammerman Unknown
Alice's Army Horseman Unknown
Alice's Army Lanceman Unknown
Alice's Army Mad Bomber Unknown
Alice's Army Martyr Unknown
Alice's Army Ninja Unknown
Alice's Army Nurse Unknown
Alice's Army Page Unknown
Alice's Army Shieldmaiden Unknown
Alice's Army Sniper Unknown
Alice's Army Spearsman Unknown
Alice's Army Swordsman Unknown
Alice's Army Wallman Unknown
alien animal goo Unknown
alien animal milk Unknown
alien autoautopsy kit Unknown
alien drugs Unknown
alien force field disruptor bean Unknown
alien gemstone Unknown
alien hologram projector Unknown
alien meat Unknown
alien plant fibers Unknown
alien plant goo Unknown
alien plant pod Unknown
alien plant sample Unknown
alien protein powder Unknown
alien rock sample Unknown
alien sandwich Unknown
alien source code printout Unknown
alien source code printout (used) Unknown
alien toenails Unknown
alien zoological sample Unknown
All-Hallow's Steve's fright wig Unknown
all-purpose cleaner n/a Tested: Shudders, nothing --Tykinruoka 03:11, 7 August 2008 (CDT)
all-purpose flower n/a
all-year sucker Unknown
almost-dead walkie-talkie Unknown
alpha-mail pants n/a
alphabet gum n/a
alpine watercolor set Unknown
Aluminum Epsilon of Humility n/a
aluminum wand n/a
Amanitee Unknown
amber aviator shades n/a Confirmed --MadonKody 18:05, 25 July 2009 (UTC) shudders for a moment, but nothing happens.
Ambitious Turkey Unknown
ammonite candy mold Unknown
ammonite fossil Unknown
Amnesiac Ale Unknown
amok pudding Unknown
amok putter Unknown
Amoon-Ra Cowtep's nemes Unknown
amorphous blob Unknown
amphibious tophat n/a
amulet coin Unknown
amulet of extreme plot significance n/a Confirmed--MiloTheBored with EbonyWand 20:41, 4 April 2007 (EST) - shudders, nothing.
Amulet of Yendor n/a
an evil little sump'm sump'm Unknown
anchovy can key Unknown
ancient amulet n/a Confirmed 2007-08-14.
ancient bomb n/a Confirmed 2007-10-02.
ancient bronze token n/a Confirmed 2007-10-02.
ancient calendar Unknown
ancient calendar fragment Unknown
ancient cure-all Unknown
ancient cursed foot locker n/a Confirmed 2008-04-14.
ancient Elf dessert spoon Unknown
ancient frozen dinner n/a
ancient hot dog wrapper Unknown
ancient ice cream scoop Unknown
ancient Magi-Wipes n/a Confirmed 2007-08-10.
ancient medicinal herbs Unknown
ancient oil painting of yourself Unknown
ancient pills Unknown
ancient poisoned dart Unknown
Ancient Protector Soda Unknown
ancient protein powder n/a Confirmed 2007-08-10.
ancient redwood Unknown
Ancient Saucehelm n/a
ancient skull key Unknown
ancient spice Food Additives
ancient stone fist n/a
ancient stone head n/a
ancient turtle shell n/a
ancient turtle shell helmet n/a
ancient turtle shell powder n/a
ancient unspeakable fruitcake n/a
ancient vinyl coin purse n/a Confirmed 2007-08-11.
anemone nematocyst n/a
anemone sauce Unknown
anemoney clip Unknown
angel-food cake n/a
Angelhair Culottes n/a --Philmasterplus (talk) 18:31, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
anger blaster Unknown
Angry Farmer candy n/a confirmed by daemonic666; 13 June 2007
Angry Farmer's Wife Candy n/a Confirmed 2007-10-09.
angry inch Unknown
angst burger Unknown
animal part cracker Unknown
anise-flavored venom Unknown
Ankh of Badahnkadh n/a Confirmed 2007-08-10.
ankleweights Unknown
annealed drippy orb Unknown
anniversary balloon n/a
anniversary balsa wood socks Unknown
anniversary burlap belt Unknown
anniversary chutney sculpture n/a Confirmed 2007-08-10.
anniversary concrete fedora n/a Confirmed 2009-04-04.
anniversary gift box n/a confirmed by Tha king; August 9 2007
Anniversary Miniature Sword & Martini Guy Unknown
anniversary pewter cape Unknown
anniversary safety glass vest Unknown
anniversary tiny latex mask Unknown
annoying pitchfork n/a
Annual Ascot Unknown
ant agonist n/a Confirmed 2007-08-10.
ant antidepressant   Tested: Shudders, nothing --Foggy 16:17, 26 October 2011 (CEST)
ant hoe Familiar Ant Tools 2007-08-10: ant hoe->ant rake
ant pick Familiar Ant Tools 2007-08-11: pick->rake
ant pitchfork Familiar Ant Tools 2007-08-12: pitchfork->pick
ant rake Familiar Ant Tools 2007-08-13: rake->hoe
ant sickle Familiar Ant Tools 2007-08-14: sickle->pick
Antagonistic Snowman Kit Unknown
anti-anti-antidote n/a Confirmed February 7, 2010
anti-earplugs Unknown
anticheese n/a
antimatter wad Unknown
antique 8-Bit Power magazine n/a
antique accordion n/a --Philmasterplus (talk) 18:31, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
antique beer Unknown
antique bottle of cough syrup n/a
antique bottle opener n/a
antique Canadian lantern Unknown
antique candy bucket Unknown
antique cigar sign Unknown
antique greaves Antique Arms And Armor Tested: greaves -> helmet, shield
antique hand mirror n/a
antique helmet Antique Arms And Armor Tested: helmet -> greaves
antique jack-in-the-box Unknown
antique machete Unknown
antique nutcracker beard Unknown
antique nutcracker boots Unknown
antique nutcracker cape Unknown
antique nutcracker drumstick Unknown
antique nutcracker epaulets Unknown
antique nutcracker figurine Unknown
antique nutcracker hat Unknown
antique nutcracker pants Unknown
antique nutcracker sword Unknown
antique nutcracker waistcoat Unknown
antique packet of ketchup n/a
antique painting of a landscape n/a
antique pair of blue jeans Unknown
antique record album n/a
antique shield Antique Arms And Armor Tested: shield -> greaves
antique souvenir drawing Unknown
antique spear Antique Arms And Armor Tested: spear -> greaves
antique spyglass Unknown
antique tacklebox Unknown
antler chandelier Unknown
Apathargic Bandersnatch Unknown
apathetic lizardman doll n/a
aquaconda brain Unknown
aquamariner's necklace Unknown
aquamariner's ring Unknown
aquaviolet jub-jub bird n/a
aquí Unknown
arcanoferric housing Unknown
archaeologing shovel n/a --Philmasterplus (talk) 18:31, 27 December 2020 (UTC)
archaeologist's notebook n/a Confirmed 2007-08-14.
Argarggagarg's fang Unknown
arm buzzer Unknown
armgun n/a Confirmed 06 JAN 2010.
armored prawn Unknown
Armory keycard Unknown
around the world n/a
arrest warrant Unknown
arrow'd heart balloon n/a
arrowgram Unknown
arrrgyle socks n/a Confirmed March 19, 2007
Arrrmetia trading card n/a Confirmed March 17, 2007
arse-a'fire elixir n/a
arse-shooting crossbow Unknown
artificial skylight Unknown
artisanal hand-squeezed wheatgrass juice Unknown
artisanal homebrew gift package Unknown
artisanal homebrew sampler Unknown
artisanal limoncello Unknown
Artist's Butterknife of Regret Unknown
Artist's Cookie Cutter of Loneliness Unknown
Artist's Crème Brulée Torch of Fury Unknown
Artist's Spatula of Despair Unknown
Artist's Whisk of Misery Unknown
As Jus Gezund Heit n/a
asbestos apron n/a Confirmed 2007-08-11.
asbestos crossbow n/a Tested: Shudders, nothing. --FunkyHoratio 11:21, 15 May 2010 (UTC)
asbestos crossbow string n/a
asbestos helmet turtle n/a
asbestos meat stack n/a
asbestos ore Ores
asbestos staff n/a
asbestos stick n/a
asbestos sword n/a  Tested: The asbestos sword shudders for a moment, but nothing happens.
asbestos sword hilt n/a
asbestos thermos Unknown
Ascension Souvenir T-Shirt n/a Tested- --TechSmurf 16:32, 8 April 2007 (CDT)
ASCII fu manchu Unknown
ASCII shirt n/a Confirmed 2007-08-11.
Asdon Martin keyfob Unknown
ash soda Unknown
Asleep in the Cemetery n/a Confirmed October 3, 2008
asparagus knife n/a Tested: Shudders, nothing. --FunkyHoratio 11:21, 15 May 2010 (UTC)
asparagus lo mein Meins - Lo Tested: asparagus -> knob
asparagus stir-fry Stir Fries - Tier 1
aspirin n/a
Ass-Stompers of Violence Unknown
assassin's cheese knife Unknown
asshat n/a Tested: Shudders, nothing. --FunkyHoratio 11:21, 15 May 2010 (UTC)
asteroid belt Unknown
astral badger n/a
astral belt Unknown
astral bludgeon Unknown
astral bracer Unknown
astral chapeau Unknown
astral energy drink Unknown
astral hot dog Unknown
astral hot dog dinner Unknown
astral longbow Unknown
astral mace Unknown
astral mask Unknown
astral mushroom n/a
astral pet sweater Unknown
astral pilsner Unknown
astral pistol Unknown
astral ring Unknown
astral shield Unknown
astral shirt Unknown
astral shorts Unknown
astral six-pack Unknown
astral statuette Unknown
astral trousers Unknown
astronaut ice-cream n/a
astronaut pants n/a
Atomic Comic Unknown
Atomic Pop Unknown
atomic vector plotter n/a
attention spanner n/a
attorney's badge Unknown
augmented El Vibrato drone n/a Tested. --GalenKemensen 17:52, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
augmented-reality shades Unknown
Aura Libre Unknown
Autobiography Of Dynamite Superman Jones (used) Unknown
autocalliope Unknown
automatic catapult n/a
auxiliary backbone Unknown
avarice stone Unknown
avatar of the Unconscious Collective Unknown
awful poetry journal n/a confirmed by daemonic666; 13 June 2007
Ax of L'rose Unknown
Aye Aye Unknown
Aye Aye, Captain Unknown
Aye Aye, Tooth Tooth Unknown
Azazel's lollipop n/a
Azazel's tutu n/a
Azazel's unicorn n/a

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