It Was All a Dream

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
It Was All a Dream
It Was All a Dream

You self-destruct. Wait, no, that was the death ray. Sorry, didn't have my glasses on. Anyway, you head deeper into the ship than ever before, determined to find out just what the Samuel Langhorn Jackson is going on.

The ship barely looks like a cyborg ship anymore: the dank, monochromatic rooms are all decorated with twinkling lights, trees, holly, mistletoe, and crackling fires with stockings hung over them.

You see a cyborg recharging station in the corner of one room, with a cyborg plugged into it, in standby mode. A screen above his head shows the dreams he's having, presumably for the entertainment of the other cyborgs. The screen shows the same bizarre vision over and over again: a chorus line of candies that look like plums coated in sugar, each one high-kicking with little anthropomorphic legs. Why would a cyborg dream about dancing candy? I mean, did it get tired of the electric sheep?

You scavenge the recharging station next to the cyborg, and find another alien-looking piece of technology. Fortunately, it's got a handy, easy-to-read label on it: "General Assembly Module." Who knew evil cyborgs from space could be so accommodating?

Gam.gifYou acquire an item: General Assembly Module

As you exit, the entrance hatch seals shut behind you and the entire ship powers down. Looks like it's going into power-save mode for the night.

Occurred in A Sinister Dodecahedron.