It's So Heavy

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It's So Heavy
It's So Heavy

As you're sneaking through the Treasury, you hear a Knob Goblin Elite Guardsman shout "hey, you!" in the oddly high voice those guards seem to have. You freeze and prepare for a fight, but the Guardsman seems to want your help instead.

"Look," he says, "I'm in big trouble with the Goblin King if I can't get these sacks of beans down to the treasure chambers beneath the Knob fast, or I'm toast."

"I've never seen any treasure chambers down there," you say.

"They're way beneath the Knob. Anyway, I've hitched up this cocoabo to this wagon, I just need some help loading it up."

You decide a little workout is better than a fight, so you help heft the heavy sacks of beans onto the wagon. After an hour or so, your biceps are thrumming with the effort. After the wagon's loaded, you turn to leave, and the cocoabo swivels its head and speaks to you. Wow, you thought these things could only say stuff like "Wark," and "Kweh!"

"Thanks a lot, jerk," it says. "Do you have any idea how heavy this wagon is? I'm sending you the bill for my hernia operation. The Familiar Underground Community of the Kingdom is going to hear about this!"

Reindeer.gifYou acquire an effect: Animal Exploiter
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at the Treasury (Bad Moon only).


  • The adventure name could be a reference to the Beatles song, "She's So Heavy"
  • The Familiar Underground Community of the Kingdom has an amusing acronym.