Interview With You

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Interview With You
Interview With You

Finally, the sun has set. The horrible, burning yellow eye that stands in judgment of you and your brethren has closed, and with the coming of night, Seaside Town has become your domain, your sandbox, your hunting ground.

Crouched on a rooftop, you inhale deeply, tasting the scent of prey on the wind. You can hear the murmur of a thousand beating hearts, pumping the sweet red life through the bodies of the human cattle. How deeply you will drink tonight! Nothing will stop you from slaking your thirst, your greed, your lust. No mortal hand can hinder you, for you are the night. What have you to fear, except for the sun?

Your eyes narrow as you contemplate the question. Perhaps... perhaps there is one other thing for you to fear: the machinations of... fashion. You consider your garb, the wrappings and trappings of the adventurer. These will not do; you must not allow your fellow darklings to see you attired in such a base manner. The derision and scorn that you would suffer at their hands would penetrate more deeply than any wooden stake, burn hotter than any holy man's blessing.

Fortunately, commerce always finds a way. The human cattle value money above all other things, even the lives of their fellows, and as dusk fades into darkness, the wind carries the furtive jingling of keys and unlocking of doors that indicates the night market is open for business. The dilemma of couture will not frustrate you for long.

But, fashion is a capricious mistress, and the selection of proper attire is not to be taken lightly. You know of three shops that cater to the differing tastes of the vampire cliques -- but which will you choose?

Will it be Vlad's Boutique, purveyors of satin-lined capes, widow's peak-sharpeners, and other accouterments of the deliciously old-school? Or Isabella's, where one might purchase eyeliner pencils, glitter, and the skinniest of skinny-leg jeans? Then again, there is always The Masquerade, which provides a wide selection of styles for a vampire who is intrigued by intrigue itself...

Visit Vlad's Boutique

Visit Isabella's

Visit The Masquerade

  • Once you have exhausted all the above choices:
You know what? Never mind.

You decide you can't be bothered to go clothes shopping tonight. All those other vampires are dicks anyway. Instead, you spend a delightful evening hiding in childrens' closets, and then jumping out and shouting "Boo!"

If you attempt to vamp out with insufficient HP, you receive an error message: "You can't vamp out with no blood in you. As little sense as that makes."

Occurs after choosing to Vamp Out in Seaside Town while wearing plastic vampire fangs or by using Interview With You (a Vampire)‎.


  • Vamping out can be done while falling-down-drunk, but you can't read Interview With You (a Vampire) while falling-down-drunk.
  • You can only go to each of the 3 locations in this adventure once per day. After you do, that choice is becomes unavailable in subsequent vampings.
  • See How to Vamp for a quick summary of your options.


  • The third option is a reference to Vampire: The Masquerade, a role playing game published by White Wolf's Game Studio which is known for intrigue-heavy roleplaying.