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Internet Meme Shop is accessed by using BACON.

Internet Salessnake

OHAI! ^__^ Welcome to the Internet Meme shop. You can trade me your BACON (the best thing ever) for other awesome things! Act fast, the internet closes tomorrow!
Item: (click for description) Price:
— Daily Interneting —
Viralvideo.gif viral video Jarl bacon.gif 20
Plusone.gif plus one Jarl bacon.gif 74
Milkjug.gif gallon of milk Jarl bacon.gif 100
Printscreen.gif print screen button Jarl bacon.gif 111
Malware.gif daily dungeon malware Jarl bacon.gif 150
— Unlimited Access —
Internetpoint.gif internet point Jarl bacon.gif 37
Memegenerator.gif meme generator Jarl bacon.gif 50
— One Per Customer, Ever —
Baconmachine.gif infinite BACON machine Jarl bacon.gif 5,000
Plainbrown.gif First Post shirt package Jarl bacon.gif 150,000

You have:

Jarl bacon.gif X BACON
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