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Nopic.gif This page is in need of content.

Daily Reminder Options. See discussion for more info. Needs also a major general update.

Menu Pane Options

  • Top Menu Style
    • Icons
    • Drop-Downs
    • Links
  • Enable Quick Skills

Character Pane Options

  • Use Compact Character Pane
  • Show Outfit on Character Pane
  • Display Familiar Below Effects
  • Display Quest Tracker in the Character Pane

Progress Bars

  • Enable Level Progress Bar
  • Show Substats per Level instead of Stats
  • Enable Muscle Progress Bar
  • Enable Mysticality Progress Bar
  • Enable Moxie Progress Bar
  • Enable Familiar Progress Bar

Miscellaneous Interface Options

  • Show HP Restorers on Skills Page
  • Anchor Bookshelf Skills to Bottom of List
  • Show Clan Calendar in Chat Pane
  • Show Quest Nudge at Login

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