Innabox's Garage

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Innabox's Garage is located in the Degrassi Knoll, if you ascended under the Mongoose, Wallaby, or Vole moon sign, where the Garage is located otherwise.

He can smith your items for free without the cost of an adventure. It's almost like he's a meatsmith-in-a-box!

Dk innabox.gif
Hello, Citizen. I'm Innabox the Smith. Got anything you need smithed? I'd gladly do it for you, and save you some time.

(Go to your crafting page to avail yourself of The Plunger's services.)


By the way, I found this in one of the workshops the other day. It looks like a tool, but it's not like any of the tools we Gnolls use. Perhaps you would have some use for it?
Screwdrive.gifYou acquire an item: rusty screwdriver
  • In a Zombie Slayer run, Innabox has left:
Unsurprisingly, Innabox is gone. Somewhat more surprisingly, he appears to have hauled off his anvil with him.
  • You will find the Untinker's screwdriver here:
You do find a rusty screwdriver lying on the floor, though. I guess Innabox decided he needed the anvil more.
Screwdrive.gifYou acquire an item: rusty screwdriver


  • Also prior to the revamp, players were able to smith items at The Plunger's (although smithing in the crafting page did the same thing). Attempting to smith an item that requires class specific skills (Armorcraftiness or Super-Advanced Meatsmithing) at the page yielded this message:
    I'm not a skilled enough smith to make that item, Citizen. Sorry 'bout that.


  • Innabox the Smith functions as a meatsmith-in-the-box would, if it existed. He's Smith Innabox.

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