Infernal Incursion

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The Infernal Incursion was a world event that inaugurated the revamp of the Seal Clubber class, and was the first of the 2013 class revamps.

On September 24th 2013, portals to the infernal abyss suddenly ruptured the fabric of the kingdom's reality, spilling infernal seals into the kingdom.

On September 24th, A Stinking Abyssal Portal (stench) in The Distant Woods appeared, with scout seals causing a real stink.

On September 25th, A Freezing Abyssal Portal (cold) in The Big Mountains blew open, and a vanguard of bulwark bull seals marched across the threshold. Additionally, A Scorching Abyssal Portal (hot) in the Desert Beach erupted additional scout seals.

On September 26th, three more portals opened: An Unsettling Abyssal Portal (sleaze) and A Terrifying Abyssal Portal (spooky) in the Nearby Plains) spewed forth more scout and bullwark bull seals, while perhaps worst of all a cadre of official seals emerged from A Yawning Abyssal Portal (Prismatic) in Seaside Town.

Adventurers brave enough to clear the Yawning Portal obtained abyssal battle plans detailing the demons' invasion strategy, and could challenge the lead Infernal Officer for the fate of the kingdom.

The kingdom's Seal Clubbers led the charge against the tusked foes, showing hithertofore unseen prowess in the form of new skills, imparted to them by Torg, the Trainer in the Brotherhood of the Smackdown.

On September 27th, all the portals promptly vanished.