Industrial strength anti-fungal spray

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industrial strength anti-fungal spray
industrial strength anti-fungal spray

This is a spray can filled with an anti-fungal agent so effective that it stopped being legal 30 years ago. The label says it's scientifically formulated to be a 100% effective remedy for "athlete's house."

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: cans of industrial strength anti-fungal spray)
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Item number: 7461
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Obtained From

Buff Jimmy's Souvenir Shop (15 Beach Bucks)

When Used

You head into the Fun-Guy Mansion and empty the spraycan on every surface you can see. The infestation subsides a little bit.


  • Using this item resets the difficulty of the Fun-Guy Mansion. This means it sets it to be as hard as it is the first time you adventure there per ascension.


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