In the Shade

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In the Shade
In the Shade

While strolling through the Octopus's Garden in your comfortable straw hat, you notice a patch of especially fertile-looking sea soil that hasn't had anything planted in it yet.

Sow Some Seeds

You don't have any seeds to plant down here. Tears for Fears might be capable of gardening with love alone, but you? Not so much.

You carefully plant the packet of seeds and then wait a few days for them to grow. Then you wait a few more days. Then you wait a few more days, and come to the conclusion that they're not going to sprout. Looks like you're going to need some fertilizer if you want to do some real gardening.

You carefully plant the packet of seeds, sprinkle it with gooey green algae, wait a few days, and then you reap what you sow. Sowed. Sew?

Avocado.gifYou acquire an item: sea avocado
Carrot.gifYou acquire an item: sea carrot
Cucumber.gifYou acquire an item: sea cucumber
Honeydew.gifYou acquire an item: sea honeydew
Lychee.gifYou acquire an item: sea lychee
Tangelo.gifYou acquire an item: sea tangelo

Sow Some Wild Oats Instead

You're not ready to settle down and start raising a family of plants. You leave, in search of adventure and excitement.

Send your Space Jellyfish to garden
<name> roots around in the fertile soil and pulls out a tasty treat.
Mushroom.gifYou acquire an item: sea truffle

Occurs at An Octopus's Garden with a straw hat equipped.


  • You acquire 2(?) items.


  • Tears for Fears is, in fact, capable of gardening with love alone, as per their 1989 single "Sowing the Seeds of Love".
  • The adventure's name refers to The Beatles' song "Octopus's Garden": "I'd like to be, under the sea. In an octopus's garden, in the shade."