In Your Cups (control room)

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Did you mean the introductory superlikely at The Toxic Teacups, or the effect from The Whirling Wheatgrass Juice Cup?

In Your Cups
In Your Cups

You make your way to the Toxic Teacups control console.

A needle labeled 'Current Teacup Spin Rate' points to 1,000/2,000/3,000/4,000/5,000 RPM

If you have the skill Dinsey Operations Expert:
There's also a series of knobs that, if you recall your employee training correctly, control the ride's various safety protocols.

The protocols currently seem fairly tight/pretty loose.

Adjust Individual Centrifuge Spin Rate

You adjust the spin setting.

Relax/Tighten Safety Protocols

You relax/tighten the safety protocols.

Back to the Maintenance Hub

Occurs at Maint Misbehavin'.


  • Choosing to Adjust Individual Centrifuge Spin Rate changes the number of turns of Toxic Vengeance you receive per combat in The Toxic Teacups zone. For each 1,000 RPM, you get 1 turn of the effect. It starts at 3,000 and is adjustable between 1,000 to 5,000. Each click of the Adjust button increases the RPM by 1,000 (until it reaches 5,000 at which point it resets to 1,000).
  • Relax Safety Protocols only appears if you have the skill Dinsey Operations Expert. Choosing to Relax Safety Protocols increases the attack and defense of monsters in the zone by 55, and hp by 75% of 55.