Impetuous Sauciness

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Impetuous Sauciness

Impetuous Sauciness

Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

You're as saucy as saucy can be. When you drink potions crafted with Scrumptious Reagents, their effects will last 5 Adventures longer for you than they do for normal people.

Makes Sauce Potions last longer

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 15,000 Meat
Class: Sauceror
Level: 12
Effect: The effects of potions made with scrumptious reagents last 5 Adventures longer, boosting the duration for Saucerors to 15 Adventures and for other players to 10 Adventures.


  • Has the same effect on potions made with bottles of scrumdiddlyumptious solution and globes of Deep Sauce
  • There are some exceptions including the pressurized potion of pneumaticity and bitter pill. Milk of magnesium is no longer affected by duration and so recieves no bonus from this skill.
  • This 5 adventure bonus is not shown on the in-game item description.
  • With 15 turns per potion and triple crafting, this skill allows Saucerors 9x duration per ingredient/reagent used, up from 6x duration baseline (triple crafting and 10 turn intrinsic duration) without Impetuous Sauciness. This combination is much higher than the standard 2x duration per ingredient other classes would get.


  • Milk of magnesium used to have a duration of 10, so it was boosted to 20 adventures total for Saucerors, or 15 for other classes. This was instead of the typical duration of 15/10 turn duration respectively. This was changed as Milk had it's duration removed in favour of a new mechanic on 1 January 2020.