Imitation crab meat

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imitation crab meat
imitation crab meat

This is a flaky piece of imitation crab meat. It looks like it's made of some kind of plastic that's been spray-painted pink.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

Deals 150-250 Physical Damage
(will backfire if used on land)

(In-game plural: imitation crab meats)
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Obtained From

imitation crab crate (2-3)

When Used

You toss the imitation crab meat to your opponent, who mistakes it for actual crab meat and eats it. After a few seconds it gets a disgusted look on its face as it takes 150-235 damage from internal bleeding.
  • Otherwise:
You throw the imitation crab meat on the ground at your opponent's feet. <It> looks at the meat, then looks at you, then looks at the meat, then looks at you, then hits you in the face.
HPYou lose X hit points.


  • You are damaged for 20-25% of the monster's attack in damage when used above water.



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