Ice skate decoy

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ice skate decoy
ice skate decoy

This is a rough approximation of an ice skate, perfect for luring groupies and having your way with them. Or the highway with them. Whichever.

Incidentally, if you made someone more forthcoming, did you de-coy them? And what if you took all the Japanese fish out of a pond?

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 200 Meat.

Put it down, and monsters will attack it instead of you

(In-game plural: ice skate decoys)
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Item number: 4231
Description ID: 152583527
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Wad.gif skate skin spangly unitard  
Wad.gif ice skate doll collapsible baton
Equals.gif ice skate decoy

When Used

You slide the ice skate decoy towards the grouper groupie. She sees through your trick, but one of the younger groupies starts covering the decoy with kisses. You quickly capture her before she catches wise.
Grouper1.gifYou acquire an item: grouper fangirl
  • otherwise:
You toss the ice skate decoy on the ground in front of you.


  • The description makes a reference to the expression "my way or the highway."
  • The description also refers to koi ponds.


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