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ice sickle
ice sickle

I know, I know. You want to ride your ice sickle, you want to ride your Ike. Got it. You'd be far better off using it as a weapon than trying to ride it, though, given that it's about as sharp as frozen water can be. Weaponsmiths have found that the light gleaming off its frozen edge, plus the latent proletarian symbolism, tend to enrage monsters. No one's exactly sure how or why, though.

Type: weapon (1-handed knife)
Damage: 10 - 20
Cannot be discarded

+15 to Monster Level
+5 Cold Damage

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: ice sicklen)
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Item number: 1424
Description ID: 132099396
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Obtained From

Melt iceberglet
Melt ice skates

When Squeezed

You give the ice sickle a squeeze, and your body heat melts it. It refreezes into a new item as you rub your frostbitten hand.
HPYou lose 5% of your maximum hit points. (cold damage)
Icebaby.gifYou acquire an item: ice baby


You administer X points of frozen, sharp damage with your ice sickle. It's much more effective than the pop sickle you were using earlier. BOOF! BARF! BAM!
You slash <it> with your ice sickle for X damage, Comrade. WHAMMO! ZOT! POW!
You slash <it> with your ice sickle, reaping X damage. Since your opponent isn't Mary, <it> now fears you. ZOT! POW! KAPOW!
You slash <it> with your ice sickle, reaping X damage. Which means at some point you must have sown X damage. BARF! BIFF! BARF!


  • This is one of the four items obtainable from the iceberglet (Mr. Store item for February 2006).


  • Prior to October 2, 2007, squeezing this item had cost an adventure and did not do damage.


  • The item name is a play on the word "icicle".
  • The description contains a reference to the Queen song "Bicycle Race", which features the lyrics "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike."
  • "Latent proletarian symbolism" refers to the crest of the former USSR, which consisted of a hammer and sickle.
  • "The light gleaming off its frozen edge... tend[s] to enrage monsters" may be a reference to Albert Camus's book The Stranger, in which the light glinting off of a knife enraged the protagonist, Meursault, causing him to kill the knife's holder.
  • "You slash <it> with your ice sickle for X damage, Comrade" is another reference to Communism, where "comrade" is the term a stereotypical Communist uses in referring to fellow Communists.
  • The hit message including the phrase "Since your opponent's name isn't Mary, it now fears you" is a reference to the famous Blue Öyster Cult song "Don't Fear the Reaper".

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