Ice-cold six-pack

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ice-cold six-pack
ice-cold six-pack

This is a delicious six-pack of Sir Schlitz, the beer that made the Kingdom of Loathing famous.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 150 Meat.

(In-game plural: ice-cold six-packs)
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Item number: 138
Description ID: 595204142
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Obtained From

Orcish Frat House
The Heap
I Refuse!
beer cartilage (with 6 ice-cold Sir Schlitzes)
boxcar turtle (10) (sometimes)
Obsoleted Methods/Areas
The Shore (Tropical Paradise Island Getaway)
A Beach (2)
Typical Tavern Quest

When Used

You crack open the six-pack.
Beer.gifYou acquire 6 ice-cold Sir Schlitzen


  • The total autosell value of the six individual cans is greater than the autosell value of the six pack.
  • You can "drink" this item by using an ice stein.


  • This item's description is a play on the Schlitz beer slogan, "The beer that made Milwaukee famous".


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