I Heart Canadia

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Trophy Number: 3
Image Filename: get_oot_eh.gif

I Heart Canadia
I Heart Canadia

This trophy is earned by drinking 30 white Canadians.

I Heart Canadia You're entitled to the "I Heart Canadia" Trophy, for having drunk over 30 white Canadians. What a lush, eh?



  • The image filename, "get_oot_eh.gif", is a play on Canadian accents, much in line with many of the other Canadian jokes throughout KoL.
  • The maple leaf on the trophy is derived from the maple leaf on the flag of Canada (as opposed to Little Canadia).
  • Calling Canada 'Canadia' is a reference to an episode of Ren & Stimpy, in which the duo travel north to Canadia, the 'Sausage Capitol of the World'.