I, Martin

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I, Martin
I, Martin

You encounter a G imp reclining against a tree. He looks up at you and mutters something through his mask. "I can't understand you," you say.

He emits some more muffled grunts, then points to a clock on the tree behind him, then points to a martini in the hand he isn't pointing with.

"I see," you say. "You're trying to say that you're on your lunch break, and so instead of attacking me, you are resting with a refreshing martini. But you're unable to drink the martini through that mask, so instead you're going to give it to me. Am I getting this right?"

He nods, hands you the martini, and wanders off into the forest.

Martini.gifYou acquire an item: martini

Occurs at The Dark Heart of the Woods.