I've Gotta Crow

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I've Gotta Crow
I've Gotta Crow

You open the door to yet another room in the seemingly inexhaustible hallways of Fernswarthy's Tower, and brace yourself for another non sequitur encounter.

Rather than a monster, though, this room is occupied solely by a scarecrow. He's sitting in a chair with his head in his hands, brooding.

"What's the matter, scarecrow?" you ask.

"It's this brain I've got," he answered. "The wizard gave it to me. I thought having a brain would be great! I was going to confer with the flowers, consult with the rain, all kinds of stuff. But it turns out the flowers are jerks, and the rain doesn't have anything interesting to say -- it just complains about how everything always gets blamed on it. Having a brain sucks."

"Well, I heard somewhere that ignorance is bliss," you say, "and I never bothered to find out if that was true, and I'm happier for it. What say I just take that brain off of your hands -- or out of your head -- and you can go back to how you were before?"

"That'd be a dingaderry! Thanks!" the scarecrow says.You thank him and leave with the brain (balancing it on your pinky, of course), all the while wondering what the heck a "dingaderry" is. Then you abruptly figure it out, and feel much smarter.

Your ten-leaf clover disappears in a puff of smoke.

Brain.gifYou acquire an item: disembodied brain
You gain 15 Enchantedness.

Occurs at Tower Ruins with a ten-leaf clover.


  • The title refers to a song from the musical play of Peter Pan.
  • The wizard giving the scarecrow a brain refers to The Wizard of Oz, and the part about the flowers and the rain refers more specifically to the song If I Only Had A Brain, as does the "That'd be a dingaderry!" bit.
  • The scarecrow's line about how the rain complains about everything being blamed on it is a reference to the Milli Vanilli song Blame It on the Rain.
  • Balancing the brain on your pinky references the characters Pinky and The Brain, who were originally from the 1990s cartoon show Animaniacs but were spun off into their own show in 1995.