Huge bowl of candy

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huge bowl of candy
huge bowl of candy

This bowl is absolutely overflowing with Halloween candy. It's like a week's worth of Trick-or-Treating all at once.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: huge bowls of candy)
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Obtained From

Trick or Treat!
A Fun-Size Dilemma

When Used

  • Single use:
You dump out the big bowl of candy. What a haul!
  • 18 to 22 generic candies:
Rcandy.gifYou acquire an item: Angry Farmer candy
Wandws.gifYou acquire an item: bag of W&Ws
Dweebs.gifYou acquire an item: box of Dweebs
Coldhots.gifYou acquire an item: Cold Hots candy
Taffy.gifYou acquire an item: Daffy Taffy
Milkstuds.gifYou acquire an item: Milk Studs
Candybar.gifYou acquire an item: Mr. Mediocrebar
Peez.gifYou acquire an item: PEEZ dispenser
Rockpops.gifYou acquire an item: Rock Pops
Swizzler.gifYou acquire an item: Swizzler
Candy.gifYou acquire an item: Tasty Fun Good rice candy
Jellybean.gifYou acquire an item: Yummy Tummy bean
  • 2 outfit candies:
lots; see Halloween
  • Rarely (1?):
Plasticball.gifYou acquire an item: Ultra Mega Sour Ball


  • Produces 18-22 random generic Halloween candies. Duplicates are not merely possible, they're inevitable!
  • In addition, produces two random outfit-based Halloween candies. (You do not have to be wearing, or even possess, the outfits in question.)
  • Rarely produces an Ultra Mega Sour Ball. There is no special message and it will appear after the outfit-based candies. (Frequency still needs spading)
  • Rarely acquired from Noon at the Train Station at Gingerbread City.
  • 1 of these can be used to add +100% Candy Drops from Monsters to your pantogram pants.


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