How to Get a Head in Navigating

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How to Get a Head in Navigating
How to Get a Head in Navigating

The ancient and ruined wizard's tower isn't much more than a jumbled pile of moss-covered stone blocks now, and it appears that anything of value or utility that it might once have contained has been long since scavenged by the local population. Still though, your adventurer senses are tingling...

Over in one corner, you find some fragments of rotten wooden boards that look to have been part of a bookcase crushed by falling stone. Using a tree branch as a lever, you manage to roll some of the rocks out of the way, and find a rusty iron box, battered and dented but basically intact. And fortunately, it isn't locked, since the lock mechanism is undoubtedly a fused mass of rust by now.

The hinges protest as you try to open the box, but you do manage to wrench it open, revealing a grotesque but friendly-looking shrunken head wearing the traditional gold hoop earring of the Navigators' Guild. It blinks in the light as you lift it up by its scraggly blond hair, and grins.

Huh. I think he likes you.

Navhead.gifYou acquire an item: shrunken navigator head

Occurs at The Ruined Wizard Tower (one time adventure).


  • This adventure is a reference to the classic adventure game The Secret of Monkey Island, where at one point the protagonist trades a book called "How to Get Ahead in Navigating" for the enchanted, shrunken head of a navigator.