How Does He Smell?

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How Does He Smell?
How Does He Smell?

In one corner of the Burrow, you discover a guano-encrusted skeleton leaning against a stalagmite. Most of its gear is rotted and worthless, but you do discover a nearly-empty box of stench-resistance pills -- that explains how he got through the Guano Junction.

Too bad he didn't have any rabies-, bloodsucking-, or small-animal-bite-resistance pills.

Nosepills.gifYou acquire an item: Dogsgotnonoz pills

Occurs at the Batrat and Ratbat Burrow while Lucky!



  • The item drop and the adventure name is a reference to the joke "My dog's got no nose." "How does it smell?" "Awful." This joke was also presented as Germany's answer to Britain's "Deadly Joke" during WWII in a Monty Python sketch.