How Do We Do It? Quaint and Curious Volume!

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How Do We Do It? Quaint and Curious Volume!
How Do We Do It? Quaint and Curious Volume!

You stumble into a clearing (really, you should watch where you're stepping) and see one of the Deep Fat Friars reading a most peculiar book. It seems to be bound in human flesh, and has a screaming face on the cover of it. I mean an actual, literal screaming face, not a picture of a face that looks like it's screaming.

"Hey, what do you have there?" you ask.

"It's an ancient volume of imp lore," the friar says.

"AIIIIGGGGH!" the book says.

"Stop reading that, I implore you!" you say. "That's gotta be dangerous, and I need someone to help me find the missing artifact, anyway."

"AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" the book says.

"Don't worry," the friar says, rolling his eyes, "it can't suck me into Hey Deze unless I forget to keep absolutely focused on the book at all times, and not get involved in pointless conversa -- whoop!"

The friar disappears into the book, leaving his wallet behind. You quickly change your name to Victor, and to Victor go the spoils.

Then you change your name back, and continue your search.

Meat.gifYou gain 250 Meat.

Occurs at The Dark Neck of the Woods.


  • Has a cap of 6.


  • The adventure title is a mix of two references:
    • "How do we do it? Volume!" is a popular advertising slogan.
    • The Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven opens with the lines, "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary/Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore."
  • In the Evil Dead trilogy, the Book of the Dead is bound in human flesh, with a face on the cover. The face, while looking less than happy, does not actually scream, however.