Hot spore pod

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hot spore pod
hot spore pod

This fleshy sac of spores is warm to the touch. Like, really warm. Like, you are getting second-degree burns holding it in your hand like that.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

Briefly improves your Hot spells

(In-game plural: hot spore pods)
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Item number: 8432
Description ID: 479128056
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Obtained From

The Fungal Nethers
fiery mushroom guy

When Used

Pod hot.gif
You drop the spore pod like a hot potato, and a gout of fire erupts out of it, spraying spores everywhere. You know the feeling you get in your sinuses when you eat too much horseradish at once? Imagine rhinoceradish.
Pod hot.gifYou acquire an effect: Fungal Flambé
(duration: 1 Adventure)


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