Hot pink lipstick

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hot pink lipstick
hot pink lipstick

This is a tube of dayglo-pink lipstick that your sleazy gravy fairy found in the gutter. That fact hasn't stopped her using it to look like even more of a painted hussy than she did before.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: Sleazy Gravy Fairy
Cannot be discarded

+5 to Familiar Weight

(In-game plural: tubes of hot pink lipstick)
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Item number: 1435
Description ID: 398407608
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Obtained From

The Sleazy Back Alley (one-time drop with Sleazy Gravy Fairy)
big creepy spider
completely different spider
drunken half-orc hobo
hung-over half-orc hobo
rushing bum
The Haunted Pantry
Oh No, Hobo
drunken half-orc hobo (one-time drop with Sleazy Gravy Fairy)
The Cake-Shaped Arena
Every 2nd win with a Comma Chameleon equipped (Sometimes)


  • Cannot be obtained from The Cake-Shaped Arena except occasionally when training a Comma Chameleon.
  • Item drops as a one time "bonus" drop when you are fighting in the The Sleazy Back Alley with your Sleazy Gravy Fairy. Text when lipstick drops is:
    <name> squeals with delight and picks up a tube of hot pink lipstick she's found in the gutter. Surely she's not going to use... yes, yes she is.

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