Hot Dog! I Mean... Door!

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Hot Dog! I Mean... Door!
Hot Dog! I Mean... Door!

Down a particularly steamy alley off of Burnbarrel Blvd., you encounter a formidable looking steel door with a big wheel on it. You look around quickly to verify that you're not on a submarine, and conclude that opening it probably wouldn't drown you.

Open the door

You turn the wheel and open the door, and are nearly bowled over as a group of hobos runs out, gasping for breath, and disappears around a corner.

You go through the door, and find that it leads into a small, nearly featureless room. From the smell, it seems like those hobos had been trapped in here for quite a while.

Just as you're about to leave, a suspiciously angular pile of rags in one corner catches your eye. You dig through the pile and find, to your delight and surprise, a big box of Meat! Those hobos must have had no idea how valuable this stuff is!

Meat.gif9,000-11,000 Meat has been deposited in your clan coffer.
  • Otherwise

You grab the wheel, but before you can turn it you come to the realization that it's way, way too hot to touch. Too bad you already touched it.

HPYou lose some hit points. (hot damage)

Leave the door be

You remember something your mother said about opening strange doors in the portions of underground hobo cities where all of the hobos are on fire, and head back the way you came.

Occurs at Burnbarrel Blvd.


  • After meat has successfully been obtained 5 times, this adventure will no longer occur.