Hot Coals

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Hot Coals
Hot Coals

You emerge into a cavern made of fire. Well, not fire, exactly, but underground coal deposits that are on fire. This must be one of those coal mines that caught fire and then nobody ever bothered to put it out because they were so lazy, so it just keeps burning forever. That's a thing that happens, right?

Curiously, there is a big cork in the ceiling of the cavern.

Pull the cork

You pull the cork from the ceiling, which turns out to have been the only thing stopping a lake above the mine from draining into it and mostly putting out the fire. Whoosh!

(No more Hot monsters will appear in the forest)

Play in the fire

You stick your hands into the fiery floor of the cave, covering them with molten goo.

Evil.gifYou acquire an effect: Dragged Through the Coals
(duration: 100 Adventures)

With an old ball and chain:

Melt down an old ball and chain

You drop the old ball and chain into the coal, and when you pull it out, it has melted into a convenient ingot form.

Dv coldiron.gifYou acquire an item: cool iron ingot

Leave the fire behind

You decide you want to live beside the ocean, so you get one step closer by leaving the old mine.


  • That IS, in fact, a thing that happens, as evidenced by Centralia, Pennsylvania and other places like it.
  • "Leave the fire behind" is a repeated lyric in the chorus of the song "Santa Monica" by Everclear. It is preceded by "we can live beside the ocean."