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Tell us more about HotStuff
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HotStuff (#59035)
Breathes Space Air

HotStuff is a well-known player in the kingdom and a member of the dev team. He also contributes to the Thursday radio show, and acts as Asymmetric's "Man Who Understands Boring Business Things".

About HotStuff

While HotStuff used to have his own custom item, it has now been converted into a means for monitoring dirty exploitation.

HotStuff is well-known for somewhat-frequently rolling out annoying puzzle contests. One of these fell out of his butt during April Fool's Day 2011, and even his avatar became a puzzle once.


For now, we presume you can buff/curse HotStuff. At the very least, you can hit him with chewable paper.

Personal Life

HotStuff can commonly be found climbing things, including the support pillars at Kol Con 9.

Known Titles:

Breathes Space Air