Hoom Hah

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Hoom Hah
Hoom Hah

As you stalk (or, more likely, are stalked) through the Spooky Forest, a breeze picks up. Gradually, it grows stronger, shaking the trees and blowing whirlwinds of dead leaves about you. Soon it is howling through the tree branches, and the noise takes on an eerie quality that sets your spine on edge, as though the wind itself were trying to speak to you, in words you can't understand, in a voice you can't quite make out.

You hold Lord Spookyraven's ear-trumpet to your ear, and the roaring of the wind resolves into a distant, howling voice: "<Demon Name>! <Demon Name>, cooooome to meeeee! Return the fifty Meat you ooooooowe! Seriously, duuuuuuude, I need it."
Well, that was weird.
After a moment, the wind passes, leaving you feeling a bit spooked.
You gain 30 Wizardliness.

Occurs at The Spooky Forest.


  • After hearing the name you are able to summon a demon.
  • The specific name of the demon differs between players but is the same between ascensions.
  • As of 2021/12/31, this adventure cannot appear until at least 25 adventures have been spent in the zone.


  • The phrase "Hoom Hah" and the mentions of talking trees are references to the Ents in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings books.