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Hooch is a stat in the kingdom, acquired from items that dropped in the third of the Twitch Livestream World Events.

Each character's Hooch capacity is hidden, until Hooch-increasing items are worn or used.

Hooch Capacity Modifiers

These determine how much Hooch your character can hold.

Name Modifier Notes
4-dimensional fez +4
super-absorbent tarp +2
birdbone corset +2
law-abiding citizen cane +5
  • weapon (1-handed club)
  • May not equip more than one
Time Lord Participation Mug +3
  • off-hand item
hep waders +3
banjo kazoo mount +2
  • accessory
  • May not equip more than one
flask flops +3
  • accessory
  • May not equip more than one
Hollow Inside +6

Sources of Hooch

Source Amount Notes
Winning a combat in the Moonshiners' Woods or An Illicit Bohemian Party. +1-2 Depends on the monster fought.
Winning a combat in the Moonshiners' Woods or An Illicit Bohemian Party whilst wearing a Time-twitching toolbelt. +1 Only occurs occasionally.
Around The World +5 Occurs at An Illicit Bohemian Party.
Crazy Still After All These Years +10 Occurs in the Moonshiners' Woods. You can convert 5 cocktail onions to Hooch.
Using Unload Tommy Gun skill on an opponent in An Illicit Bohemian Party +5 The normal combat hooch benefits are in addition.


  • Hooch can be turned in for Chroner at the Shoe Repair Store, at a rate of 1 Chroner per 3 Hooch, taking 1 adventure each time you turn it in. If the amount of Hooch turned in does not divide evenly by 3, the remainder Hooch will roll over to the next time you trade in Hooch.
  • The maximum possible Hooch capacity is 30.
    • However, the flags preventing you from dual-wielding law-abiding citizens cane and equipping multiple banjo kazoo mounts were not present initially, meaning you could have a maximum capacity of 40. (Just don't unequip anything!) The single-equip flag also did not initially prevent canes from being given to a Disembodied Hand, meaning players with one could get 35 capacity with only a little fiddly familiar-switching work.


  • When this mechanic was originally introduced, the Hooch:Chroner exchange rate was 2:1.